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Lighting is the essence of a great video. Sadly, it’s an often forgotten part of video interviews.
Job interview bias isn’t new. Some employers judge job seekers based on their personal views or factors unrelated to the job.
You may panic when an interviewer asks, "How do you handle conflicts?" as an interview question. If you know what to expect, you can answer the question to reflect your character well.
The interview process is one of the most intimidating stages of a job search. The most important thing you can do before an interview is to prepare for questions that an interviewer might ask you.
At work, making decisions is common. Part of a recruiter’s task is to learn how you make important decisions to see if you’ll fit well in the company.
Video interviews are becoming the norm, so improving your current interview setup is important. The call background can be one of the things you can change up.
When crafting your resume, you carefully curate your job experience and education. Do well enough, and you reach the interview stage.
Conflicts in the workplace are always there, but it doesn’t have to hurt your work. The workplace brings unique people from all walks of life.