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The job search process can be challenging and requires thorough preparation. Get helpful articles and insight from our career experts on job search, resume writing, interview preparation, career planning, skills enhancement, salary negotiations, networking, and other areas for job search best practices.

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During the interview process, you should know basic interview etiquette. Knowing how to behave at a job interview allows you to create a connection with the interviewer.
Recruiters have their own ways of judging potential. Different types of interview narrow down their search for the right candidate to save them time.
Good preparation for interviews can be a crucial factor in landing a job. Preparing for interviews can boost your chances during the job search process.
Job interviews are nerve-wracking. Instead of giving in to your nerves, you might want to make a few jokes for an interview to lighten the mood.
Before, job hunters had to face multiple hurdles to land an interview. For example, knowing how to dress and planning your commute can take days to weeks of preparation.
Humor is a great way to make an impact, stand out from the crowd, and come across as laid-back and approachable. It can relax you and the interviewer and demonstrate your collaboration skills.
Job interviews are about employers wanting to know more about you—your background, experience, and how well you fit within the company. For every interview, you need to prepare how to answer questions to increase your chances of getting the job.
Today’s digital age has allowed people to do more within the comfort of their homes. Employers are now resorting to virtual interviews as it offers fewer expenses and more convenience for both the company and the interviewee.