The Beginning and Future of Video Interviewing for Jobs

The Beginning and Future of Video Interviewing for Jobs

Before, job hunters had to face multiple hurdles to land an interview. For example, knowing how to dress and planning your commute can take days to weeks of preparation. All these efforts just to get hired. Luckily, a lot has changed in the digital age thanks to tools that made interviews easier.

Most companies are jumping on the video interviewing trend made possible by the internet. It's fast, simple, easy, and efficient enough to speed up your hiring process. But do you know how video interviews for jobs started and why it's important for you?

The Beginning of Video Interviews for Jobs

When the pandemic started in 2020, the world had to readjust greatly. Offices had to shut down and run everything remotely. For job hunters, it also meant going through a different process for job applications and getting used to the new environment. Part of this included knowing how they can deal with video interviews for jobs.

While video calls weren't new, they weren't widely used for job interviews. It was only during the pandemic that companies that needed to hire new employees opted to use video calls for their recruitment process.

As such, it's a good idea to learn the basics and prepare for video job interviews. Besides knowing what you say, you also have to fix your environment. The lighting, camera quality, background, and how you look all play a role.

Not everyone has the budget to create a high-quality setup at home. But it is something that you can change slowly over time as long as you invest in the right tools. Create an ideal video environment to help attract and impress employers during video interviews for jobs.

Video Interviewing is Here to Stay

Trends tend to grow outdated, but some experts say that this is not the case for video interviews for jobs.

More companies are expected to rely on video platforms for several tasks like job recruitment. It's easy, fast, and simple to use. It's also a less costly way of maintaining communication with an entire workforce.

As technology progresses, there will be more than one way to hold a video call. Apart from the standard one-on-one, some recruiters may pre-record synchronous or asynchronous videos. Know more about these options to increase your success rate.

There are other reasons why video interviewing is prominent today. Part of this is the growth in demand for remote work. Many companies allow their employees to work remotely instead of asking them to report to their office all the time.

With video interviews for jobs being the norm, you have more opportunities to attract recruiters. Physical locations won't be a hindrance since you can work anywhere. Thus, both parties have the freedom and flexibility to work more efficiently.

The entire process of job hunting is now easier, cheaper, and more flexible for job hunters.

Land Your Next Role with a Picture-Perfect Video Interview

While technology has made it easier to find jobs, it's still hard to land an interview and ace this interview eventually. But as video interviewing has become the norm, there is now a new in your job-hunting journey. In this case, the candidate with the best video is more likely to get the job.

Since more companies are utilizing this cheap solution, it holds more value. Thus, it's safe to say that you must adapt to video interviews for jobs. But this doesn't have to mean buying fancy equipment to improve video quality. You also have to invest in yourself to impress recruiters.

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Written by Career Specialist May 08, 2023
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