4 Ways Job Hunters Can Make Better Decisions

4 Ways Job Hunters Can Make Better Decisions

Making good decisions is a crucial life skill. You can use it in your professional and personal life. Employers prefer people with this knack because they're the company's strength. They can make sound decisions for the greater good of the workplace. In job interviews, the boss asks questions that show one's decision-making process.

5 Qualities of a Good Decision-Maker

If you're good at making decisions, you're more likely to be good at other things. Some notable traits make up a good decision-maker. You may be a fast thinker, a creative one, or a problem solver. Below are some of the other qualities you may have.

  1. Good at evaluating

    Making good calls is just like assessing. It requires a set of eyes with great judgment. A good example would be a judge. It's part of their job to be unbiased so they can make logical choices. They need to be able to evaluate and see what sentence a person deserves for a court case.

  2. Critical-thinking skills

    Critical thinking usually involves a bunch of skills. They include observing, gathering, analyzing, predicting, and understanding data. You also know how to voice out your thoughts and solve problems. When you put these skills together, it makes up a person who can come up with good decisions.

  3. Decisive under pressure

    One profession that requires fast decision-makers is doctors working in the emergency area. They need to make the right calls because it's a matter of life and death. Sometimes, they have to think even faster on their feet because a patient needs urgent treatment. Not every job requires this skill. But it helps to know how to decide well while under pressure.

  4. Efficient problem solver

    Whether you're a rookie or a veteran in the workplace, problem-solving is a treasured skill. Companies have enough problems and conflicts of their own. Hence, if you can find solutions, you become an asset to the team. Someone who can come up with answers is more likely to be making good decisions. Their brains can quickly piece things together to fix them rather than break them.

  5. Great team player

    What makes a good decision-maker is that they can choose for the greater good. With this trait, they effortlessly become team players. They're inclined to think of others instead of being selfish or one-sided. For instance, sports coaches lead their teams by giving advice that will ultimately win them games.

4 Ways How to Make Better Decisions

Being able to make good calls doesn't come easily to everyone. Some need to practice it, while others pick up and gain insights through experience. But there are several ways to learn how to make better decisions.

  1. Think about goals and values

    Whether you're making choices in your personal life or the workplace, you need a guide. Your goals and values are what act as your steering wheel in life. Thinking about them before making decisions makes you more likely to stay on track and make the right choices. With your job search, consider the steps you need to take to reach your aim.

  2. Consider all options

    Another hack to know how to make better decisions is to open your mind. It may sound cliché, but there's always a choice. You have better chances of making good decisions when you have more options. For instance, you don't have to settle down on the first offer during your job-hunting process. You can still explore because you may find better deals.

  3. Weigh the pros and cons

    A part of considering all options is weighing the good and bad. You must know the positive and negative effects of all the possibilities to arise with better decisions. If you're unsure about your next career move, list your options. Then write down the pros and cons of each choice. This way, you can see what's best for you.

  4. Seek help

    One more thing to help you make better decisions is to ask for help. Don't be afraid to ask for advice from trusted people. You can gain many insights from others, especially if they have more experience.

Making Good Decisions

Knowing how to make good decisions is crucial in all aspects. That's why it's important to hone them as you go along in life and your career. Luckily, there are many ways to improve them, such as focusing on goals and seeking help. Being open to all options and weighing their pros and cons are also helpful. To further boost your career growth, visit Career.com.

Written by Career Specialist Feb 07, 2023
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