Career Advice

The job search process can be challenging and requires thorough preparation. Whether it's your first time applying for work, or you've been in the workforce for years, it's important to keep up to data with where to begin. From a customized resume to prioritizing networking and presenting.

Whether it's parenting, friendship, or career development, humans accomplish most things through spending time with others.
If you've been offered a job interview, you can't walk in without preparation. Interviews require you to consider what the role asks of you.
Personality tests have been around since the early 1900s. Most of us do these tests out of curiosity when figuring ourselves and our values out.
To take time off work, you will usually need to go through a process where your boss will approve a specific time period of leave for you to take in the future.
A strong network of people is one of the most useful assets that a person can have in their job search. A network can range from friends and family, all the way to industry experts and former colleagues.
Job applications are the most important part of your job search process. Your job application is what makes the first impression.
If you are a part of the workforce, it is a great idea to record a detailed version of your work history. Creating a document that compiles information and data about each job you have had can be a useful tool for your resume preparation when finding your next job.
We spend a third of our lives working. Where you work matters. As the cost-of-living rises, and people veer away from traditional lives to pursue personal dreams, where people choose to work is also changing.
Your interviewer will throw all sorts of questions at you to try to determine who you are and if you are the right fit for the job. One question that is often asked at the beginning of an interview is, 'can you describe yourself in three words?’