3 Types of Interview Questions and How to Prepare for Them

3 Types of Interview Questions and How to Prepare for Them

Job interviews are a crucial part of the job application process. Getting a job interview invite can feel like the scariest thing. This stage informs recruiters about who you are and how well you fit into the workplace.

Training with interview prep questions can help you get ready. After all, interviews are a two-way street, so being prepared can make you look good to your future employers because you contributed to the process. To help you out, this article will discuss various interview questions and how to nail them down.

3 Types of Interview Questions

  1. Background and experience questions

    These questions detail your skills to determine your suitability for the job. Recruiters might ask about your:

    • Education
    • Work experience
    • Skills acquired from past work
    • Certifications
    • Working habits and processes

    Prepare by using these interview prep questions. When answering them, reflect on your skills and experience instead of listing them down. Recruiters might also ask whether you believe you're qualified for the role to gauge your self-awareness.

    It's essential to be specific when talking about your background. For example, don't simply say you're well-versed in a particular skill. Instead, you can narrate how you acquired and used the skill for past work.

    General answers won't make you stand out among other applicants. Meanwhile, being precise can indicate if you're a close match for the job requirements.

  2. Conflict and stress management questions

    Recruiters want workers who can do their jobs despite conflicts and stress. These interview questions let them know if you can manage issues and feedback to improve the workplace. Interviewers may ask some of the following:

    • How do you approach workplace conflicts?
    • How do you deal with negative feedback on your work?
    • How do you handle disagreements among your coworkers?
    • How do you manage unfinished work with strict deadlines?
    • Think of a time when you disagreed with a senior's decision. How did you handle it?

    Use the interview prep questions above to guide your answers. Recruiters often use these questions for top-level applicants. They're also helpful in screening candidates in contact with clients, such as those in customer service.

    When answering this type of interview question, it's crucial to show confidence. Recruiters want to see if you can handle stressors, including the interview. Lastly, be specific and use first-hand experiences to nail down your points.

  3. Creativity and decision-making questions

    This type of interview question is mainly used for managers as well. After all, their judgments can severely impact the brand for better or worse. That said, team members are also screened for effective decision-making skills. Prepare by using the interview prep questions below.

    • What steps do you take when making a decision?
    • What's your decision process when working with a team?
    • Recount a time when you needed to make a quick decision for work. How did it affect the company?
    • Do you prefer making decisions alone or with external input?
    • Situational questions (ex., Your manager is planning to make a decision that could negatively impact the company. How will you deal with this?)

    Recruiters want hires who can make sound decisions for their business. Hence, showcasing your critical thinking is vital as a job seeker.

    Moreover, recall instances when your decisions helped your past projects or company. It can let recruiters know how you can contribute to their brand. It's also important to reflect on failed judgment. On that note, talk about your past decisions' consequences and what you learned from them.

Nailing Your Interview

The moments leading up to your interview can be terrifying. However, learning the different types of interview questions can boost your morale.

Study the provided interview prep questions to help you find the best answers. Lastly, recruiters want attentive hires, so prepare questions for them. The right question might land you that job, so study and practice beforehand.

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Written by Career Specialist Feb 03, 2023
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