5 Good Things to Say in a Job Interview

5 Good Things to Say in a Job Interview

Employers are always looking for someone qualified for their open position. They want to support their employees and keep them around for a long time.

Interviews are two-way conversations. The applicant is presenting their best self during an interview. Likewise, the interviewer is putting their best foot forward. Understanding what they expect from you and the position you're applying for is crucial.

What Do Employers Look For in a Candidate?

When trying to fill a position, employers look for more than just technical skills. Employers place the highest priority on critical thinking abilities. Critical thinking is a skill and a habit that supports problem-solving. It helps employers know if you'll be successful in the role.

Employers are also interested in learning if you want to do the job their way. They want to know how much retraining you need. The length of your stay is also important because they'll invest in you. Thus, learning what to say in a job interview is vital if you want to be at the top of the list.

5 Good Things to Say in a Job Interview

  1. Always say “thank you”

    Hiring managers deserve sincere thanks for meeting with you to learn about your career goals. Saying thank you is a sign of courtesy. It shows your eagerness to accept an offer, giving your interviewer an insight into your interest in the job.

    Saying thanks also allows you to strengthen the rapport you built during the interview.

  2. Convey that you're a team player

    An interviewer is interested in learning about your teamwork experiences and how well your teams performed. Describe your role on the team and how you contributed to its success.

    Companies strive to create teams that can effectively manage themselves and produce high-quality work. Working well with others reflects your attitude.

  3. Mention how you're always trying to learn new things

    Discuss your desire to keep learning more about the industry. Inform interviewers how you expand your knowledge on your own. You can also mention it if you consult mentors for guidance.

    Ask questions during the interview and use specific examples to emphasize your commitment to growth. A job candidate immediately becomes a better investment when they're open to learning and upgrading their skills.

  4. Tell them about your plans for the job

    The main goal of your interview is to show the employer how you'll benefit them. Explain to employers how you would perform the duties of the position. Use specific examples to convince them why you would be the most effective at the job.

    You only need some of the details figured out. However, you should have a few broad concepts that would work with and help the company.

  5. Show that you want to stay and grow with the company

    Employers invest money in recruiting and preparing new hires for their positions. They want to assess whether candidates will be a long-term asset to their company. The length of their stay influences their decision to invest in a potential employee. Your future employer wants to know if you're interested in growing with the company.

Know What to Say in an Interview

Keep in mind that this is your first impression. Being ready and knowing what to say in a job interview will help you impress the employer. You can also express yourself in the limited time you have to make sure they get to know your best qualities. Tailor your answer to the job and company but convey your commitment with passion.

Knowing what to say in an interview will make it easier for you to land a job. Apply for jobs today at Career.com.

Written by Career Specialist Feb 08, 2023
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