4 Best Camera Setups for Interview

4 Best Camera Setups for Interview

In the past few years, more companies switched to online interviews for their hiring process. About 86% of companies practice virtual interviews, which will most likely increase. Because of this, finding the best camera is crucial. If you have a limited budget for a camera, you can choose one at a lower price point. But keep in mind that the best, good-quality video still wins.

Selecting Your Camera for Interviews: 4 Categories of Camera

Before you get a chance to shine, you need a good camera setup for the interview to present yourself well. There are many options to choose from. But it's best to find an interview camera setup with great quality within your budget.

  1. Built-in video camera

    You can use your laptop's camera but check it before your interview. You may try improving your lighting to see if it would enhance your image. Another built-in video camera you can use is the one on your phone. It has better quality and is perfect for those on a tight budget.

  2. Desktop video (USB)

    A desktop video is one you plug into your laptop or device through a USB. Its cost depends on its features. A USB camera can be hard to find, but it's worth it as it gives you a high-definition image. It's also tunable to lights. You must mount it on your device to complete your interview camera setup.

  3. Digital camera with video

    When using a digital camera, you plug it into your laptop via a USB. This camera is a bit more costly. But it doesn't always guarantee great quality. So, be sure to check out reviews before buying one. Try to find one with autofocus and good storage. These features will ensure you have a great interview camera setup.

  4. Professional video camera

    This camera setup for an interview is the finest, but it does come at a price. Out of the four options, this one is the best. It offers superb quality and has all sorts of effects. But it's pricey and quite hard to use. It comes with many dials and knobs that take skills to figure out. It also requires a cam link to connect the camera to your laptop or device.

4 Best Camera Setup for Interviews

Once you pick out what camera you'll use, you must consider your camera setup for the interview. There are several things to consider, such as those discussed below.

  1. Setting up a one-camera interview

    Your interview camera setup must have a nice background. Nothing too distracting to let your viewer focus on you. A single-camera setup for an interview is also not too hard to put in order. Although you can use two cameras for your setup, it's easier to work with one. You'll need a tripod if you're using a detached camera. A comfortable chair will also put you at ease.

  2. Framing the set

    When it comes to framing, you can explore close-ups and mid-shots. But it's best to keep your camera at eye level. Don't put yourself too far from the camera or go lower than your torso to avoid a crotch shot.

  3. Choosing the best lighting

    Getting the right lighting is crucial. Too much or too little can ruin your image, even if you have a great camera. Use soft light, or explore the three-point lighting technique for the best results. Besides your main light, you can add a fill light, which removes any shadows in the frame. In addition, you can have a backlight placed high behind or on your side to brighten up your background.

  4. Keeping your mic in check

    The audio is part of your interview camera setup, as well. Make sure to check your mic to have quality audio with your video. You can use a separate mic if your camera doesn't have good audio. There are several types of mics, including lapel and shotgun mics.

The Right Camera Setup for the Interview

As you look for the best tools for your interview camera setup, keep in mind that the best video wins. If you have a low budget, don't stress too much about it. There are cheap camera options. You can use built-in ones on your device. To ease your mind in your job hunt, visit Career.com today.

Written by Career Specialist Feb 03, 2023
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