Virtual Backdrop for Interviews: 4 Dos and Don'ts

Virtual Backdrop for Interviews: 4 Dos and Don'ts

Today's digital age has allowed people to do more within the comfort of their homes. Employers are now resorting to virtual interviews as it offers fewer expenses and more convenience for both the company and the interviewee.

You have to spare no effort in presenting yourself during job interview calls. Preparing for your employer's online call may not seem like a big deal, but your virtual interview background speaks volumes about your personality and work style. Give more thought about your backdrop for interviews with the list of dos and dont's below.

Top 4 Dos for Virtual Interview Background

  1. Do choose a neutral backdrop

    Whether you plan on having the video call in your bedroom or the kitchen, do your best to have a neutral backdrop for interviews. Patterned walls or flashy wallpaper can be distracting.

    Variations of white, brown, gray, and black for your virtual interview background can keep the focus on you, not what's behind you. In your backdrop for interviews, furniture like your bed and kitchen appliances, even if well-kept and organized, may not give recruiters the impression of a professional work-from-home setup.

  2. Do prepare a professional setting

    If a solid color background doesn't work for you, you can style your virtual interview background in a way that highlights your creativity but still has the appropriate level of professionalism. Make sure not to cover any of your facial features, and you're free to move around when planning your backdrop for interviews.

    You can make the extra effort by browsing the company's website, social media, and the job listing itself to find clues that can give you information about the company's culture. This way, you can style your backdrop accordingly for the interview.

  3. Do improve your lighting setup

    Make sure hiring managers can see you and what you can bring to the position by having proper lighting. Position your light sources in front of you to look your best and highlight the parts of your virtual interview background you want the recruiter to see.

    Although natural lighting from sitting in front of a window is ideal, you can position lamps and other equipment around to find the setup that works for your virtual interview background. Avoid placing light fixtures behind you because it can cause backlighting. Backlight can create shadows on your face, and the interviewer will see you in a very dim video quality.

  4. Do get more virtual

    Not everyone has a dedicated professional space for work. In this case, you may opt for a virtual backdrop for your interview. The same principles apply as solid, neutral colors are a safe solution you can bet on for a virtual interview background.

    Choosing a virtual backdrop for your job interviews can also give you more creative freedom to express yourself. For example, if you're applying for a photographer assistant position, consider putting one of your photographic works as your background. Keep in mind to keep your facial features focused against your virtual interview background.

Top 4 Don'ts for Virtual Interview Background

  1. Don't leave connectivity issues to the last minute

    It's always a good idea to test your setup and troubleshoot issues before your job interviews. If you choose to have a virtual backdrop for your interview, you'll want to test out the green screen capabilities of the video call platform and your web camera to ensure that your furniture and appliances aren't seen in your interview.

    You can also call from a different device to better navigate the platform before your scheduled interview. If you still have trouble with your virtual interview background, you can change your video quality to a lower 720p setting.

  2. Don't move around too much

    Avoid giving your potential employer motion sickness with an unstable video feed. Constant fidgeting and moving can disable your virtual interview background and cause distractions.

    Placing your computer and web camera on a flat surface can significantly improve your video call's stability. Angling the camera from your chest area and above can allow your lower limbs to move around without being too distracting.

  3. Don't keep unnecessary objects in your background

    While you may think that your bookshelf filled with random trinkets from vintage stores and thrift shops is cute, a recruiter may see it as pointless clutter in your work environment. A messy backdrop for job interviews can give employers the impression of questionable organizational skills.

    Even though you know that the piles of stuff don't directly affect your work, recruiters can only perceive you by what you show them. Secure your position as a strong candidate by maintaining a neat and organized virtual interview background.

  4. Don't take the call in a busy room

    Plan ahead of the interview to ensure that your interviewer won't be distracted by people walking around in your virtual interview background. Arrange a do not disturb zone during your interview to prevent pets and family members from stepping into your video frame.

    If you can't avoid taking the call with people around, make sure to respectfully ask them to keep their noise to a minimum to not distract you from answering your potential employer's questions.

Get the Right Virtual Background

Start the right conversation and spark interest in your skills with a virtual interview background that effectively boosts your unique personal and professional traits to the foreground. When you're ready to take virtual interview calls, apply for your dream job at today!

Written by Career Specialist May 16, 2023
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