7 Lighting for Video Interview Tips

7 Lighting for Video Interview Tips

Lighting is the essence of a great video. Sadly, it's an often forgotten part of video interviews. Lighting for video interviews is vital as other areas of the process. The ideal interview light setup elevates a good video into an excellent one.

Let this be your guide if you want to make your video interviews better. This article will discuss practical tips to take your interview light setup to the next level.

Lighting for Video Interview Tips

A great interview light setup allows you to amaze your audience and hold their attention. Here are a few tips to consider regarding lighting for video interviews.

  1. Choose the right equipment

    There are many options for lighting equipment. But consider several factors before buying, such as your location, preference, and the tools you have. Buy the equipment that complements these factors to build the ideal interview light setup.

  2. Let your budget be your guide

    Another factor when building your interview light setup is budget. Don't buy something too costly because you won't have enough for other things. However, something too cheap may lead to poor quality.

    Strike a balance between price and quality to secure good interview light setup equipment. Less costly tools can still be a good choice.

  3. Watch the lighting sections

    The lighting sections contain three types: key, fill, and backlight. The key light or primary light source is the most intense. In contrast, the fill light is less intense and balances the key light. Finally, your backlight is a light source from behind that separates your background.

    All are integral to achieving optimum lighting for your video interviews. You can also adjust these lighting sections if something is off.

  4. Assess other factors concerning lighting

    Consider these other factors if you still have trouble with your interview light setup.

    • The existing light and how it affects your interview light setup
    • The kind of light and how it helps get the desired effect
    • The lights you use may not fit with your location, existing equipment, or motif
  5. Use natural light

    The gold standard of lighting is natural light. Use this to your advantage.

    If you film indoors, ensure you're facing a window. Meanwhile, if you're outdoors, angle the light behind you for the full effect. You can recreate the natural light using bulbs, lamps, and other sources. Natural light is your friend, so use this for video interviews.

  6. Consider your background

    Another thing to pay attention to with your interview light setup is the background. Look into the light types, angles, and the area itself. Assess the natural lighting, reflection, and shadows. Your background may produce things that make it hard to get good lighting.

  7. Be confident

    You can have the best interview light setup in the world. However, it will be for nothing if you're not confident in front of the camera. Lighting for video interviews doesn't just show your strong sides; it also reveals a lack of confidence. So, lighten up, let loose, and have fun.

Light Up Your Work Interviews

The importance of lighting is not always at the forefront. However, it can make a big difference in your video interviews. Keep these tips in mind as you build your ideal interview light setup.

Although lighting can be helpful, it's not everything. Preparing for an interview requires more than a good setup.

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Written by Career Specialist Mar 23, 2023
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