Interview Etiquette: 4 Tips on How to Behave at a Job Interview

Interview Etiquette: 4 Tips on How to Behave at a Job Interview

During the interview process, you should know basic interview etiquette. Knowing how to behave at a job interview allows you to create a connection with the interviewer. It shows your social skills and knowledge of workplace behavior.

Interview etiquette also increases your chances of getting a job. So, here are four tips on interview etiquette to get that job offer.

What is Proper Interview Etiquette?

Interview etiquette is a set of appropriate actions, behavior, and responses during the interview process. It's important to create good first impressions. Studies reported that interview etiquette could affect your chances of getting job offers.

4 Tips on How to Behave at a Job Interview

Job interviews can be stressful. You may not know what to expect or what questions the hiring manager will ask. However, you can prepare yourself to appear fit for the job. Here are four tips on how to behave at a job interview.

  1. Respect your interviewer

    Showing respect to your interviewer is very important in getting a job offer. Ensure you come prepared. Know the interviewer's name and how to spell and pronounce it.

    Arrive 5-10 minutes before your interview. Be polite by shaking hands and greeting your interviewer. During the interview, make eye contact so they'll see your sincerity. After your interview, say thank you and follow this up with a thank you letter.

  2. Dress the part

    Your choice of clothing can influence your chances of getting a job. Dress appropriately to show that you know your interview etiquette. Research the dress code of the company you're applying for. Look for photos of employees in the company. Use these photos to reference what to wear on your interview day.

    This small detail can make you stand out from other candidates. On top of this, ensure that you appear well-groomed.

  3. Be honest

    Honesty should already be a given, but it's still worth reiterating since 81% of job applicants still lie in their job interviews.

    Being honest and clear in your answers are two important elements of how to behave at a job interview. If you lie or exaggerate your responses, you create a false impression on your interviewer, affecting you in the long run.

    For instance, if you lied about working on a particular project, your employers may expect you to have the skillset you truly don't have. They may also think you have contact with people from that past work experience.

  4. Listen carefully

    Active listening is included in the list of proper ways to behave at a job interview. Ensure that you understand the question before answering it. Otherwise, clarify what the interviewer means.

    You only have limited time for your interview, so you want to maximize that by sufficiently answering the questions.

    At the same time, listen carefully to determine if you want the position or to work with the company. Are the interviewers on time? Do they see you as a future workmate or belittle you? If the interviewer is also trying not to answer your questions directly, you may consider this a red flag.

Know Your Interview Etiquette and Get that Job Offer!

A job interview can be tense, but you can increase your chances if you know how to behave at a job interview. Respect your interviewer by dressing appropriately and similarly to the company's dress code and being honest in your answers.

Finally, listen carefully and observe the company's work culture. This step can help you decide if you want the job. Ace the interview as you explore your career options with

Written by Career Specialist Feb 14, 2023
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