How to Not Be Nervous for an Interview: 4 Effective Tips

How to Not Be Nervous for an Interview: 4 Effective Tips

Being nervous about a job interview is normal. But ensuring that your nerves won't get in the way of getting that job offer can be tough. So, how do you relax before an interview? Here are some tips on how to not be nervous for an interview.

Why Do You Get Nervous for Interviews?

Studies reported that candidates get nervous during job interviews because they feel more pressure being the center of attention and lack control, especially among undergraduate students. They may also be naturally shy, not used to public speaking, or worry about committing mistakes.

How to Relax before an Interview

Being able to relax during a job interview can be hard, as 93% of job applicants feel nervous during their job interview. So, how can you avoid this situation?

  1. Practice and prepare

    Expect at least 10-20 questions during the interview. You need to prepare two to three minutes of clear answers.

    You also need to prepare for the worst. This preparation includes listing down all the biggest fears you have that might happen.

    Are you afraid that the interviewer will ask something unexpected? By thinking about the worst cases that might happen, you can better prepare for them. Then make sure you have answers to any questions for you.

    Another effective way to relax before an interview is to avoid any last-minute cramming. The night before your interview, drop all your notes and enjoy. Spending the night relaxing will help you get good sleep, clear your mind, and prepare for your interview.

  2. Focus on your breathing

    When you get nervous, your breathing changes, these changes are due to your heart rate increasing. To deal with this, focus on your breathing. Breathing techniques, such as slow breathing, help calm your nerves.

    Another tip on not being nervous for an interview is understanding the questions. Take a deep breath and formulate your answers before responding to questions. In addition, remember all the people that support you. Feel their energy behind you and let that boost your confidence.

  3. Make an excellent first impression

    When you're nervous, you might be unable to create an excellent first impression. In this context, making an excellent first impression doesn't mean appearing pleasant. Aim for a great first impression by being relaxed.

  4. Remember to ask questions

    A way to not be nervous about an interview is to look at the interview process from a different point of view. Don't forget that the interview is just a conversation.

    Reframe your perspective instead of feeling the pressure of being the center of attention. Note that the interviewer is also under pressure to find the best candidate. They're also showing their best foot forward for you to accept their job offer.

    Therefore, ask questions about the company. Take note of what you're looking for. By showing the interviewer that you're also evaluating the situation, you gain a certain amount of control and feel less nervous.

Overcome Nerves and Set a Confident Tone

Controlling your nerves during an interview can help you get through it effectively. Doing so also increases your chances of getting the job. Therefore, knowing how to relax before an interview and how to not be nervous for an interview is important.

Preparing for your interview, breathing slowly, noting to make an excellent first impression, and reframing the situation are all effective ways to keep your nerves at bay. These are essential tips to remember as you go through numerous interviews while exploring your career options at!

Written by Career Specialist Jun 28, 2023
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