How to Get Good Lighting for Videos: 5 Lighting Tips

How to Get Good Lighting for Videos: 5 Lighting Tips

While video interviews can be more convenient than in-person interviews, it's not without challenges. Giving your recruiters an engaging virtual experience may be tricky. One thing you'll need to consider for this is how to get good lighting for videos. Here are some lighting tips for video interviews to impress recruiters.

Types of Lighting Setups

An appealing video environment can make you stand out among other applicants. It's why you should have a well-lit environment before your interview. That said, your lighting setup depends on how many lights you have.

  • No lights or backlight

    Having zero lighting during your interview isn't recommended. Recruiters need to see your face, so relying on a backlight isn't advised either. If you have no lighting equipment, you can use natural light to make yourself visible on camera.

  • One light

    To maximize a single light, place it behind and slightly above the camera, pointing toward you. It may create shadows, but it does the job of making you visible.

  • Two lights

    Place each light behind and slightly above either side of the camera. Using two light sources correctly can minimize unattractive shadows on your face.

  • Three lights

    Position two lights according to the previous setup. Afterward, place the third directly behind you, pointing to your background. This setup is helpful if you have a green screen as a backdrop.

  • Four lights

    Follow the two-light setup for the first two light sources. Place the remaining two behind you, on either side of the background, pointing towards it. This setup can give your video depth by ensuring your background is well-lit.

  • Five lights

    If you have five lights, follow the previous setups. Just position the fifth light directly behind you, pointing to your background. This setup makes your video quality pop out through a well-lit environment.

5 Lighting Tips for Video Interviews

While knowing how to position light sources is essential, some tricks can further improve your setup. Here are some lighting tips for video interviews to increase your chances of landing the job.

  1. Consider the location

    Evaluate your location before the interview takes place. It's crucial to choose a neat and well-lit setting. You can leverage the location's ambient lighting. For instance, if your set has table lamps, turn them on for additional lights. Also, check your background for anything reflective that might create glare and distract interviewers.

  2. Don't rely on sunlight

    The sun is a flattering light source you can use. Its brightness and warmth work wonders for your video, especially during the golden hour. However, don't rely on natural lighting alone. Passing clouds can quickly dim sunlight, so have artificial lights on standby for backup.

  3. Avoid backlight

    A light source behind you can darken your entire body on camera. It's often the case when sitting behind a window during the day. A rule of thumb is to avoid having windows and lit bulbs behind you. You can also add lights in front of you to offset the backlight effect.

  4. Balance your lights

    Recruiters want to see your face clearly during the interview. However, unbalanced lighting can cast shadows around your face. To avoid this, use multiple light sources and position them to illuminate your face equally. If you place a light source on your left, add one on the right to balance the lights.

  5. Use reflectors

    Relying on a single light source can also cast shadows on parts of your face. Try using a reflector to mimic the effect of having a second light. Having a reflector set up is an economical way to minimize shadows on your face. It can bounce light from the source to unlit parts of your face.

Lights, Camera, Action!

During virtual job interviews, video quality may help decide who gets the position. Good lighting can express that you prioritize excellence and make you stand out. Learning how to get good lighting for videos can give you a boost in the recruiters' eyes.

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Written by Career Specialist Jun 21, 2023
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