7 Good Questions to Ask in a Job Interview

7 Good Questions to Ask in a Job Interview

Many job applicants spend a lot of time preparing for job interview questions. It's an integral part of making a good impression. However, job interviews are more than a one-way street. It must be a conversation between two parties, where the job candidate can also interview their potential employer. Why? They'll potentially spend years with their new employer, and it's mutually beneficial for both parties if they like each other.

This article will list the best questions to ask in a job interview to know your employer better.

What to Know Before Asking Your Questions

Here's the thing: job seekers must interview their employers too. Nowadays, applicants no longer submit to every potential employer's whim. If you're privileged enough, you likely have as many choices of a good company as much as they have applicants.

Before coming to an interview, prepare a list of questions you wish to ask. Focus on clarifying the job description and work arrangements. The point is to gather as much information about the company as possible before determining if it's a good match.

What to Ask in a Job Interview

  1. What are three traits your top performers have in common?

    Knowing this information is important to see if you're best suited for the position. First, it gives you an idea of how much you want the job. You're willing to adapt if you don't possess the traits mentioned. Second, it could be a warning sign of working qualities you don't want to acquire.

  2. What do you expect me to accomplish in the first 90 days?

    This question gives you a glimpse of the company's management and oversight. Consider it a red flag if they can't answer. Instead, ask them, "How do you expect me to figure that out?"

  3. What drives results in the job?

    Is it the traits of the top performers, or is it something else? The answer to this question will give you an idea of determining the company's value chain.

  4. What are the company's highest-priority goals, and how would my role contribute?

    Jobs serve various purposes in a company's growth. Knowing the role's contribution will help you determine the importance of your job. Is it a throwaway role or central to the company's success? It's for you to find out.

  5. What's the percentage of referred employees?

    "Do you have a referral-based culture?" is one of the best questions to ask in a job interview. Why? Because companies with established relationships tend to trust each other instead of outsiders. When a company has a referral-based culture, you may experience career roadblocks.

  6. How would you describe my day-to-day tasks?

    You want to know whether your potential company is consistent enough. This question's answer must give you an overview of the workload you may encounter. Are your daily tasks in line with the company's overall growth strategy? If not, you may want to reconsider your application.

  7. What will my biggest challenges be in this position?

    Challenges are inevitable when it comes to working. Be wary of employers who deny significant hardships and try to play them off as minor inconveniences. Their answer should give you an impression of how considerate they are of their employees. It could also give you a glimpse of the work environment you might get into.

Interviews Are a Two-Way Street

Think of your job interview as a speed-dating process. It's best to align your personal goals, dreams, and working relationships with your prospective employer before diving in. Staying on the same page will potentially yield increased employee morale and more harmonious relationships. If all else fails, remember that more opportunities await; these are the right ones.

Hopefully, this helped you decide what to ask in a job interview. Are you ready to interview your potential employer? Find opportunities now at Career.com.

Written by Career Specialist Mar 21, 2023
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