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Business Office Manager The Blossoms Newport, AR | Full Time
9 Days Ago
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2 Days Ago
2 Days Ago
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Business Office Manager Benedictine Minneapolis, MN | Full Time
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Business Office Manager Consulate Health Care Asheville, NC | Full Time
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Business Office Manager American House Senior Living Communities Chattanooga, TN | Full Time
2 Days Ago
Business Office Manager Diversicare of Oak Ridge Oak Ridge, TN | Full Time
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Business Office Manager CareOne Management, LLC Newton, MA | Other
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Business Office Manager SanStone Health & Rehabilitation Asheville, NC | Full Time
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Business Office Manager American House Senior Living Communities Macedonia, OH | Full Time
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Business Office Manager Paramount Care Centers Philadelphia, PA | Full Time
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Business Office Manager Marquis Health Consulting Services Springfield, PA | Full Time
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Business Office Manager Consulate Health Care Goochland, VA | Full Time
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Business Office Manager Brookdale Santa Catalina Tucson, AZ | Full Time
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Business Office Manager Meridian Senior Living Santa Monica, CA | Full Time
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Business Office Manager Brookdale San Ramon San Ramon, CA | Full Time
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Business Office Manager The Meadows Assisted Living Elk Grove, CA | Full Time
6 Days Ago
Assistant Business Office Manager Mason Creek Transitional Care of Katy Katy, TX | Full Time
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Assistant Business Office Manager Cypress Skilled Nursing Roswell, GA | Full Time
7 Days Ago
Business Office Manager Cypress Skilled Nursing Carrollton, GA | Full Time
7 Days Ago
Business Office Manager Magnolia Health Systems Terre Haute, IN | Full Time
7 Days Ago
Business Office Manager Saber Health Group Wadsworth, OH | Full Time
7 Days Ago
Business Office Manager Laurel Health Care Company Asheville, NC | Full Time
8 Days Ago
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Business Office Manager

Newport, AR | Full Time
9 Days Ago

Job Description

Under the direction of the Administrator, the Business Office Manager manages all business functions and personnel including but not limited to accounts receivable, accounts payable, resident trust funds and other assigned duties. The
Business Office Manager ensures the financial systems are accurate, efficient, and in accordance with professional accounting practices and governmental regulations. The person holding this position is delegated the responsibility for carrying out the assigned duties and responsibilities in accordance with current existing federal and state regulations and established company policies and procedures.

A. Role Responsibilities – Job Knowledge/Duties:

  1. Demonstrates knowledge of age specific developmental factors specific to adult and geriatric residents (i.e. physical, cognitive, and socialization factors) in carrying out business office functions
  2. Demonstrates knowledge, skills, and techniques necessary to carry out business office functions for residents with the following needs: therapeutic, neuro and dementia, dialysis, IV therapy and infectious diseases, if applicable
  3. Attends all mandatory in-services by the employee’s anniversary date
  4. Acts appropriately under the direction of the Administrator and acts as an active member of the interdisciplinary team
  5. Demonstrates ability to adjust to changes in work schedule to meet resident and family needs
  6. Communicates and observes the Corporate Compliance Program effectively and complies with Code of Conduct when performing work functions
  7. Other duties as assigned by Administrator

B. Role Responsibilities – Administrative Duties:

  1. Is responsible for collecting accounts receivable with an emphasis on the 90 accounts by using the following techniques/procedures: a. Conducts collection calls on delinquent accounts with letter documenting the conversation b. Advise Corporate level personnel on payments not received by required dates, so late payment fees may be allocated c. Resolve balance disputes as needed/requested from responsible parties/residents d. Forward problem accounts to Corporate level personnel for assistance in resolving, as needed e. Conducts follow-up on delinquent account pay dates f. Advises the Administrator and the corporate level personnel of potential problem accounts as they arise g. Prepares and maintains “delinquent account status sheet” on delinquent/problem accounts h. Prepares analysis and reconciliation of accounts i. Prepares plan of action for follow-up of actions taken j. Recommends collection action and referral to collection agencies k. Prepares and submits application write-offs
  2. Supervises Business Office Staff and conducts regular meetings to review progress toward departmental goals. Offers direction, suggestions and evaluated performance of Business Office Staff
  3. Conducts meetings and regularly communicates with the Administrator and corporate level personnel about progress towards departmental goals attainment and areas of concern within the department
  4. Gathers month-end medical reports and maintains file for reporting and ensures timely responses to
    Medicare requests for medical records (ADRs)
  5. Demonstrates responsibilities for Medicare Part A determinations from the Nursing Department: a. Notifies resident/responsible party of nursing decisions, as received, or on a daily basis b. Ensures appropriate letters are sent within 24 hours of admission/decision
  6. Ensures completion of Medicare Part A and B appeals in denials received: a. Completes and files reconsiderations on a timely basis b. Requests and completes telephone hearings for reconsideration on a timely basis c. Requests and completes Administrative Law Judge hearings for reconsideration on a timely basis
  7. Balances SUM journals to billing reports by the 10th of each month
  8. Follows Medicare procedures as needed or on a weekly basis
  9. Process Medicaid pending conversions as needed or on a weekly basis
  10. Reviews Medicaid pending conversions on a weekly basis, or as needed: a. Conducts follow-up with county caseworkers regarding status of application b. Conducts follow-up with resident/responsible party regarding status of application and compliance c. Advise resident’s Social Worker and Administrator of potential problems as they arise
  11. Reviews Medicaid authorized new admissions on a weekly basis, or as needed and ensures proper notification is sent to local department of Social Services regarding Medicaid admission to facility
  12. Prepares daily deposits, and makes deposit at the bank
  13. Demonstrates responsibility for miscellaneous Business Office errands (i.e. post office, bank).
  14. Verifies appropriate monies are being deducted for personal accounts on Medicaid residents. Advises Administrator whenever there is a discrepancy
  15. Demonstrates responsibility for the day-to-day activity in resident trust accounts, Including: a. Weekly requests for funds transfer of resident account monies from general savings to resident trust b. Prepares deposits weekly for resident trust account c. Prepares checks for approved resident account disbursements weekly d. Verifies resident account petty cash disbursement has proper authorization and receipts (as needed) e. Posts deposits and disbursements to individual accounts on a weekly basis f. Reviews resident account trial balance and notifies responsible parties/residents n low/credit balances g. Closes out discharged residents’ accounts within one month of discharge h. Allocates interest as interest is applied to individual resident accounts i. Prints resident account statements quarterly and prepares to mail to responsible parties/residents j. Balances and processes year end 1099-INT on residents receiving $10.00 or more annual interest k. Maintains patient account authorization files
  16. Gathers monthly auxiliary pharmacy bills and forwards them to corporate level personnel
  17. Gathers monthly therapy billing logs from Physical Therapy, Occupational Therapy, and Speech Therapy departments and forwards them to the corporate level personnel, on a designated day of each month
  18. Prepares memorandums to departments regarding quarterly time studies at beginning of quarter. Receives quarterly time studies, ensures time is calculated and completed for two week period, and forwards a copy to the appropriate corporate level personnel
  19. Completes quarterly sales tax returns, if needed
  20. Maintains business office non-medical files as needed
  21. Responsible for special projects/special reports as assigned by the Administrator or corporate level personnel

C. Role Responsibilities - Interpersonal Skills:

  1. Is aware of, and adheres to, Resident Bill of Rights and Confidentiality of Resident Information.
  2. Interacts with residents, family members, co-workers, clinical and ancillary staff in a non-judgmental, supportive and calm manner
  3. Addresses resident and family satisfaction issues immediately by reporting them to the Supervisor in a professional manner
  4. Must have patience, tact, cheerful disposition and enthusiasm, as well as be willing to handle residents based on whatever maturity level they are currently functioning
  5. Is aware of Resident Abuse Law
  6. Participates as assigned in the orientation of new staff and demonstrates positive, helpful, and enthusiastic attitude
  7. Creates and maintain an atmosphere of warmth, personal interest, and positive emphasis as well as a calm environment throughout the facility
  8. Maintains a productive working relationship with other department directors

D. Role Responsibilities - Safety:

  1. Demonstrates ability to locate emergency equipment (i.e. fire extinguisher, etc.).
  2. Understands and demonstrates knowledge of role in Fire and Disaster drills
  3. Demonstrates ability to identify and respond appropriately to behavioral outbursts
  4. Uses facility equipment safely
  5. Recognizes, removes and/or reports potential hazards
  6. Follows established safety rules/accident prevention

E. Role Responsibilities – Infection Control:

  1. Demonstrates proper hand-washing techniques
  2. Disposes of waste properly

F. Role Responsibilities – Resident Care/Dignity:

  1. Addresses residents in a respectful manner
  2. Maintains confidentiality and discusses confidential resident information in appropriate areas only

1. High School diploma required, Associates Degree in Business or at least three (3) years of accounts receivable management experience in health care preferred.
2. Possesses current knowledge of accounts receivable management, basic accounting procedures, insurance/third party billing procedures, and computerized office system operation.
3. Must be able to communicate in English, both verbally and in writing, and possess sufficient communication skills to perform the tasks required.
4. Must meet health assessment requirements, including two stage Mantoux skin test.
5. Must be capable of performing the essential functions of the job, with or without reasonable accommodations.

“Occasionally” equals approximately 1% to 33% of the workday, “Frequently” equals approximately 34% to 66% of the workday, and “Continuously” equals approximately 67% to 100% of the workday (Typical full-time workday is
7.5-8 hours).

  1. Job Requirements: Hours Per Day:
    a) Sit 6 to 7 hours b) Stand 0 to 1 hour c) Walk 0 to 1 hour
  2. Movements: Frequency: a) Bend/Stoop Occasionally b) Squat/Crouch/Kneel Occasionally c) Crawl Occasionally d) Reaching Continuously e) Balancing Occasionally f) Pushing/Pulling Occasionally g) Climbing Occasionally
  3. Weight Carried/Lifted: Frequency: a) Up to 34 pounds Frequently b) 35 to 50 pounds Frequently c) 51 to 100 pounds Occasionally with assistance* d) 100 pounds Rarely with assistance*
  4. Is subject to call-back during emergency conditions (e.g., severe weather, evacuation, post-disaster, etc.)
  5. Is subject to injury from falls, burns from equipment, odors, etc., throughout the work day, as well as to reactions from dust, disinfectants, tobacco smoke, and other air contaminants.
  6. Is subject to exposure to infectious waste, diseases, conditions, etc., including TB and the AIDS and Hepatitis B viruses
  7. May be subject to the handling of and exposure to hazardous chemicals
  8. May be necessary to assist in the evacuation of residents during emergency situations

*Assistance can include mechanical devices, equipment or human assistance.

I have read this job description and fully understand the requirements set forth therein. I hereby accept the position of
Business Office Manager and agree to perform the identified essential functions in a safe manner and in accordance with the facility’s established procedures. The above job description is intended to describe the general nature and level of work required of this position. This is not meant to be an exhaustive list of all requirements, duties and skills required. This organization reserves the right to revise the essential position functions as the need arises.

I understand that as a result of my employment, I may be exposed to blood, body fluids, infectious diseases, the contaminants (including tobacco smoke), and hazardous chemicals and that the facility will provide to me instructions on how to prevent and control such exposures.

I understand that my employment is at-will, and thereby understand that my employment may be terminated at-will either by the facility or myself and that such notice can be made with or without notice. I have received, read and understand this job description and I am able to fulfill these responsibilities. I also understand that this is not a contract or legal document.

Skills for Business Office Manager

The job skills required for Business Office Manager include Billing, Medicaid, Accounting, Accounts Receivable, Medicare,and Health care etc. Having related job skills and expertise will give you an advantage when applying to be a Business Office Manager. That makes you unique and can impact how much salary you can get paid. Below are job openings related to skills required by Business Office Manager. Select any job title you are interested in and start to search job requirements.

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Career Path for Business Office Manager

The following is the career advancement route for Business Office Manager positions, which can be used as a reference in future career path planning. As a Business Office Manager, it can be promoted into senior positions as an Office Supervisor that are expected to handle more key tasks, people in this role will get a higher salary paid than an ordinary Business Office Manager. You can explore the career advancement for a Business Office Manager below and select your interested title to get hiring information.