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1 Bus Driver/Custodian Job in Farmington, ME

Mt Blue Regional School District
Farmington, ME | Full Time
$36k-46k (estimate)
1 Week Ago
Bus Driver/Custodian
$36k-46k (estimate)
Full Time | Elementary & Secondary Education 1 Week Ago

Mt Blue Regional School District is Hiring a Bus Driver/Custodian Near Farmington, ME

    JobID: 541
    Position Type:
    Transportation and Facilities/Bus Driver/Custodian
    Date Posted:
    Transportation and Facilities
    Date Available:
    07/01/2024 Mt Blue Regional School Distrect is hiring for a full time Bus Driver / Custodian. This is a full time year round position. Custodial duties required between runs.
    • CDL with Bus & passanger endorements
    • CHRC
    • Full-time, year round position to include snow days, scrub weeks, summer break
    1. Hold a valid Maine license to drive a school bus.
    2. Must have passed a physical exam as directed by state requirements and comply with stipulations recommended by school’s examining physician.
    3. Participate in Driving Dynamics course as recommended by the State and required by the District.
    4. High School graduate or GED preferred.
    5. Ability to read and comprehend technical information.
    6. Ability to work safely with chemicals and equipment.
    7. Ability to work cooperatively with other employees. Be a team player
    8. Self directed / motivated.
    9. Job requires physical ability to lift 40lbs., stand, climb stairs and ladders, lift, push, pull, and bend for extended periods.
    10. CPR Certified.
    Performance Responsibilities:
    1. Perform pre-trip "walk-around" inspection of the vehicle before operation and report defects to lead mechanic by means of a defect card.
    2. Keep oil, coolant and fuel at a proper operating level.
    3. Maintain vehicle in a clean and orderly fashion.
    4. Supervise and discipline all passengers during their conveyance.
    5. Report students needing further discipline action to the Transportation Director or his/her designee.
    6. Observe and obey all traffic laws and safety regulations of the State, the Town and the District.
    7. Keep to assigned schedule discharging only authorized students at only authorized bus stops.
    8. Offer input in regard to bus routes, stops and to notify the transportation office of student changes.
    9. Notify transportation office of any mechanical failure or buses running late on an assigned run.
    10. Perform and record at least three emergency evacuations for each trip load of students per year.
    11. Attend all transportation safety meetings and conferences as directed and apply the knowledge obtained at these meetings to the proper operation of the assigned vehicle and route.
    12. Report ALL accidents no matter how small to the Director of Transportation & Custodial Services follow the verbal report with a written accident form.
    13. Perform general custodial and maintenance duties at the assigned location(s).
    14. Provide an adequate custodial inventory of materials and supplies.
    15. Perform emergency custodial duties during the school day.
    16. Replace materials as needed such as paper towels, soap, light bulbs, etc.
    17. Maintain the building in a safe, neat and orderly fashion.
    18. Help keep the grounds and play areas free from litter.
    19. Assume responsibility for the general security of the building.
    20. Assume responsibility for the general fire safety of the building.
    21. Become familiar with all emergency procedures of the building including valves, switches and other building equipment.
    22. Keeping exits and entrances clear and safe including snow removal, sanding, etc. Also to include any portable classrooms that are associated with the building.
    23. Offer input to the Director of Transportation & Custodial Services or his/her designee in regards to materials, equipment, procedures, and maintenance needs.
    24. Be in uniform dress code all the days required in the Support Staff Contract.
    25. Follow all necessary requirements regarding time clock procedures.
    26. Wear proper personal protective equipment (PPE).
    27. Know and understand the use of Safety Data Sheets (SDS).
    28. Perform additional duties as directed by the Director of Transportation & Custodial Services or his/her designee.
    The statement above reflects the general duties considered necessary to describe the principal functions of the job and shall not be construed as a detailed description of all the work requirements.

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Full Time


Elementary & Secondary Education


$36k-46k (estimate)









200 - 500






$10M - $50M


Elementary & Secondary Education

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