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Store Manager David's Bridal, LLC. Avondale, AZ | Full Time
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Store Manager

Avondale, AZ | Full Time

Job Description

The Store Manager builds and retains a high performing team, creates aconsistentenvironmentofworldclasscustomerservice andexceedssalesplanthroughfoundationalexcellence.The Store Manager is a dynamic, attentive and inspiring leader who has mastered relationship building withteam members and customers alike; acting as a mentor, leader and coach. The Store Manager builds a climateof high performance and five-star customer service by maximizing the performance and productivity of a teamofmotivated,friendly,enthusiasticandengagedteammembers.   Essential Job Functions:  Leadsandmodels acustomerfirstcultureacross allroles.Holdstheleadershipteamaccountableforactivefloor management by assigningshifts, reviewing resultsandprovidingfeedback tomaintaina five-starcustomer experience.Monitorsindividualteammemberperformanceanddevelopingaction plansforimprovement t through weeklyperformancediscussionsusingcustomer reviews,mysteryshops and through the use of SBIcoaching.Providingongoingcoaching andtrainingtoenhanceindividualsellingskills,behaviorsandprocesses. Coachingtheteamtoachieveallset productivity goals for front of house and alterations.Drives customer loyalty by clientele calls to maximize appointment build and provide customer service for theentireevent.Resolves all customer issues and partners with Regional Director or Contact Center, as needed. Respondpromptlytoallcustomer questionsprovidingproduct andserviceinformation.Buildsrelationshipstomeet and exceedcustomer satisfactionandloyalty.Speakstoeverycustomerbeforetheyleavetovalidate theirexperience,resolving anyissuesinthemoment.Develops and manages customer service strategies to deliver a 4.8 customer rating, addressing all negative reviewsandsolving rootcause.Sets expectations and holds team accountable to achieve “Hall of Fame” goals/status and Diamond Loyalty Store club.Creates a climate in which people want to do their best. Manages to motivate many kinds of direct reports and team members or projectmembers.Makeseachindividualfeelhis/herworkisimportant.Dedicated to meeting the expectations and requirements of internal and external customers. Acts withcustomersinmindandholdstheirteamaccountablefordoingthesame.Maintainsstore-standardstosupportaflawlessshopping experience.Responsibleforflawlessexecution ofallmarketing,promotionsandmarkdowns.Maintains a professional dress code and adheres to the company DressCode policy. Plus holds all team members to the same standards. LeadsthestoretoachieveTotalMonthly Income (TMI) Goalsconsistentlybyexecutingfoundationalexcellenceand  performance-basedleadership,forfrontofhouseandalterationscombined.·       DrivessalesthroughKPIs,toachieveabalancedRankedScorecard.Managesturnovergoalsbyrolebyreviewing applicationsandconductingtwointerviews for all team members.Usescriticalthinking toidentify arootcauseofametric, processorbehavior andfinds a solution tocorrect,working withRegionalDirector asneeded.Executesallcritical operatingprocedureswithaccuracyandhold the teamaccountable.Makes good decisions based upon a mixture of analysis, business acumen, experience, and judgment. Sought out by others foradviceandsolutions.Identifies and prioritizes critical business issues and aligns the team. Discerns what is critical and puts less  importantissuesaside.Eliminatesroadblocks.Monitorsinventory management, special orders,receiving processes, layaway,mark outof stock,repairs,andensures firstqualitystandardsforallmerchandise.Builds,develops,andretainsahighperformingteamacrossallroles.Conductsweeklymanagementmeetings.Communicatesdailysalesgoalstoallteammembersanddrivesaction throughChatIns/Chat Outs.Leadsnetworkingeffortstostaffthestore,schedulingtimeweeklytonetworkandhireteammemberswhoseavailability,experienceandqualificationsmeets thestore’sneeds.Buildsastrongbenchandtalentpipeline, ensuringthestoreisalwaysstaffed,toachieveallstaffinggoalsand fillsopenpositionswithin30days.Participatesinquarterly successionplanningmeetings withRegionalDirector.ConductstwoSBIsperdayforeveryassociate.Conductscoachingconversationswitheveryteammember,weekly, biweeklyandmonthly basedonroleandteammemberperformance.Createsanoptimized schedulethatmeetstheneeds ofthebusiness,reviewedquarterly.Writesweeklyschedules basedonproductivitytomeettheneedsofthecustomerandsaleswhilecontrollingtotalmonthlyincome.Guidesthedevelopmentofconsistentroutines throughoutthestoreatalllevels,Workstoachieve alldaily, weekly andmonthlyroutines andtaskswhileplanningtimeeffectively.Executes, monitors and assesses the five stages of training for all team members to ensure each team member hascompetedrolespecifictraining that theyneedtobesuccessful.Ensuresperformancemanagementstrategyisimplementedandconsistentatalllevels.Handles all employee relations issues and partners with Regional Director, as necessary, to determine action plans and performance management strategy to improve individual performance and the team as a whole.Deals with performance issues directly and timely. Steps up to conflicts, seeing them as opportunities.Createsa sales cultureofinspirationbyrecognizingstrong performanceandcelebratingachievements,Providesallteammemberswithgoodworking conditionsandthepersonalrespect eachteammember deserves.Championsandexecutesnewprocesses,programs and behaviorsasassigned.Relateswelltoallkinds ofpeople.Builds appropriaterapport.Isapproachable.Builds constructiveandeffective relationships.Pursues everything with energy, drive, and a need to finish. Faces adversity head on and is energized by toughchallenges. Executes and holds team members accountable for Beautiful Store Standards to ensure flawless execution of allmerchandising strategies to maximize sales. Requires all store team members to consistently maintain pristinehousekeepingstandards onthesellingfloorandbackroom.Addressesfixturereplacementandstorerepairs.Communicatesacompellingandinspiredvision, senseofpurpose andexpectations.Inspires andmotivates theteamtogetonboard.Adapts styletosupport andinfluenceteammembers.       Followsalllossprevention,securityprocessesandpoliciesatalltimes.Manages allexpenses, budgetsincludingpayroll, shrink,supplies,fixtures/equipmentandtravel.Responsible for the storepayroll and ensure it doesnotexceed the monthlybudget, accuratelymonitoringand acknowledgingtimesheetsforallrolesthatclockinandoutforallscheduled shifts,breaksandmeals.ManagesschedulingstrategiesinpartnershipwithRegionalDirector.CompletesallactionplansasassignedbyRegionalDirector.Executesallaspects ofoperationalcontrols.MonitorstimelinecompletionoftasksinTaskManagement.Followsallprocedurestoensureaccuracy ofbi-annualphysical inventories.Managesauthorizedcontests inpartnershipwithleadershipteamtomotivate storeteam.Focus on own development and learning, complete all training as assigned for on-going development.Holds frequent performance and development discussions. Ensures that the team and direct reports have theskills andtrainingtheyneed.Takesquickaction tobridgeanytrainingorlearninggaps.Knowledgeable of internal business end-to-end processes and priorities and executes them to compete inthemarketplacetoimproveservice.Opentocoaching andfeedbacktoimprovebehaviors and/orprocesses.Capitalizesonfeedbackfromcoaching/SBIconversationswithmanagers.·       Genuinely cares about people. Is available and ready to help. Demonstrates real empathy with the joys andpainsofothers.MonitorsEventTeamCaptainstrategy to lead all bridal shows and outreach initiatives. Other duties as assigned.Physical Demands: While performing the duties of this job, the employee is required to stand, walk, and sit for extended periods oftime; reach for tools and objects with hands and arms; climb stairs; stoop, kneel, crouch, or crawl; and talk toand hear customers . The employee must occasionally lift to 25 pounds. The employee must be able to see upclose and at a distance, as well as use peripheral vision and depth perception, and be able to look at, read, and useacomputer andallotherelectronicdevices forlongperiodsoftime.Education & Credentials: High School Diploma or degree.Fouryearsprior retailmanagementexperienceinanapparel orspecialtystore environment.Priorexperience with a computerizedPOSsystem.

Skills for Store Manager

The job skills required for Store Manager include Customer Service etc. Having related job skills and expertise will give you an advantage when applying to be a Store Manager. That makes you unique and can impact how much salary you can get paid. Below are job openings related to skills required by Store Manager. Select any job title you are interested in and start to search job requirements.

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How to Become a Store Manager

If you are interested in becoming a Store Manager, you need to understand the job requirements and the detailed related responsibilities. Of course, a good educational background and an applicable major will also help in job hunting. Below are some tips on how to become a Store Manager for your reference.

Step 1 Understand the job description and responsibilities of a Store Manager

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Step 2 Knowing the best tips for becoming a Store Manager can help you explore the needs of the position and prepare for the job-related knowledge well ahead of time.

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Step 3 View the best colleges and universities for Store Manager

College of the Atlantic
Cleveland State University