Work Experience: How to Describe Your Job on a Resume

Work Experience: How to Describe Your Job on a Resume

It's essential to define what you do in your career currently. Doing so lets you know the amount of interest and learning you get from the job and how career exploration may further boost enjoyment and learning.

In preparing for your new job, define your current position by applying these tips to describe your work experience

How to Know Your Job

The person interviewing you for the job may not have had time to review your resume fully. Hence, you must know how to describe your work experience in detail.

  1. Where do you work?

    When learning to describe your job, get a clear picture of where you'll work, its location, and the industry it's in.

  2. What things have you already done, and how would you rank them according to enjoyment?

    Identify which tasks you enjoy and which ones you don't. Doing this familiarizes you with all the tasks you've done and are currently doing. Consequently, this will help you elaborate on each of them as part of knowing how to describe your job and work experience.

  3. Do you want to do this more?

    As you get an overview of the tasks you've done and are doing, evaluate which ones you'd like to try next. This perspective helps you describe your current work experience and the type of work you want.

    While in the application process, clearly reflect on what you like doing and want to explore in the next job you're looking for.

  4. What part is your role in the business?

    Knowing how to describe your job also includes your role in the business and what you do. Is your role an entry-level one, or is it a managerial position? Do you lead a team? Or are you a diligent team member?

  5. Where else do they do this?

    When preparing a resume for a new job, ask yourself where else you can do the tasks you've mastered. Knowing how to describe work experience and how to describe your job also means placing your role in other positions or industries.

  6. What's the next thing you want to learn?

    After thinking about how to describe your job and work experience, use what you've answered to explore other roles. It's essential in growing your career further.

How to Describe Your Work Experience

  1. Highlight accomplishments over responsibilities

    Focus your resume on showing how you performed and delivered beyond expectations. Present this by mentioning achievements, statistics, numbers, and tangible results.

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  3. Only include select information

    Knowing how to describe your work experience allows you to evaluate if it's relevant to the role you want to apply for. The position may not include everything you've outlined while you assess how to describe your job.

  4. Organize information based on relevance

    Strategize your presentation of information. Once you've learned how to describe your work experience or current job, decide which details are most important. Prioritize these so they're the first information your potential employers see.

  5. Customize for your desired position

    Don't rely on just one standard resume or response for all your applications and interviews. Customize your resume and interview responses to be highly appealing to the company you're applying for.

  6. Utilize resume buzzwords and keywords

    Employers often search for potential candidates using keywords and buzzwords in an applicant tracking system. Use as many roles- and industry-specific keywords as possible, such as “customer service” or “computer skills”, to optimize your chances of turning up in employers' search results.

Craft an Excellent Resume Based on Your Work Experience

Formulating an effective resume requires you to know how to describe your work experience and how to describe your job. It'll guide you in generating a comprehensive view of your current work experience and identifying what and where you want to explore in the future.

Strategize your resume to be relevant to what the employer is looking for. Be proactive in your career growth. Visit and explore your interests and career opportunities today!

Written by Career Specialist Jun 02, 2023
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