5 Benefits of An Applicant Tracking System You Should Know

5 Benefits of An Applicant Tracking System You Should Know

Ever wonder how recruiters hire you? Most recruiters use an applicant tracking system or ATS. This system collects and analyzes the thousands of applicants they receive per open job role. Ultimately, it makes their job a hundred times easier.

Jobseekers also benefit from ATS. Knowing the benefits of an ATS and how it works allows you to use this knowledge to prepare a highly visible resume for both ATS and employers.

Explore further how you can do this. But first, what is an Applicant Tracking System?

What is an Applicant Tracking System (ATS)?

An applicant tracking system (ATS) is a digital tool employers use to collect, track, and filter applications by scanning piles of resumes. It also allows recruiters to find potential candidates for the position.

Speed and quality are the major benefits of an applicant tracking system. It simplifies and speeds up the process of choosing the right person for the job. It also ensures the process's accuracy and compliance with government guidelines for the hiring process.

In addition, it allows employers to have shared discussions in the recruitment process. They can point out and decide the best candidates for the job. By doing so, employers can have an immediate shortlist of qualified applicants.

How exactly does an applicant tracking system do these things? Read more on the five benefits of ATS so you can effectively use it in your job hunt.

5 Benefits of an Applicant Tracking System

  1. Saves time

    The topmost benefit of an applicant tracking system is increased speed in the recruitment process; 86% of companies that use ATS noted this.

    A job posting receives an average of 118 candidates. So, if employers scan all these, the process might take weeks or months before a candidate fills the position.

  2. Improves quality of hire

    One of the notable benefits of an ATS is allowing companies to settle with the best among the bunch. It's an advantage among companies since they always want the best candidate for the job. As a job seeker, you can tailor your resume to match the job description. Use keywords to achieve this.

    You can also present your online profiles to highlight your best credentials so you get higher chances of being sourced. In addition, companies can place job offers more promptly. By doing so, they can already secure highly qualified candidates.

  3. Allows easy job posting across multiple job boards

    Using ATS also allows employers to post job postings on various platforms. They no longer need to manually log in and out of numerous job-hunting platforms to do this. The ATS also collects all the data from these platforms.

    As a job seeker who's always on the lookout for these sites, you get immediate job postings to consider. Some ATS also create an automatic career page on a company's website. With this, you can monitor several platforms at a time. You can quickly send your application to the company.

  4. Promotes collaborative hiring

    One of the benefits of ATS is creating a pool of applicants' data. Human resource managers can initially send their notes and suggestions. Then, employers can access these data and discuss who they think is best for the job.

    Using ATS creates collaboration in the recruitment process. Thus, different people from diverse perspectives review your application.

  5. Speeds up the onboarding process

    Overall, an ATS speeds up the hiring process. It benefits both the employer and you, the job seeker. When the hiring process is fast, the company can fill the posted positions quickly. As a job seeker, you also get to receive results faster.

    ATS also allows companies to send mass emails to applicants who'll move forward with their applications and those who won't.

Make ATS Work on Your Favor

Companies can attest to the many benefits of an applicant tracking system. Recruitment becomes faster, more accurate, and more collaborative. These benefits of ATS don't only serve employers but also jobseekers such as you. Learning how an ATS works will help you use the system to your advantage.

So prepare your resume and be on the lookout for your next career move with Career.com.

Written by Career Specialist Feb 08, 2023
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