What Makes a Good Resume: Standing Out in Matching Systems

What Makes a Good Resume: Standing Out in Matching Systems

Before, people had to print resumes. They must go through job posts in the newspapers and personally submit their resume. However, the job hunting process has evolved from offline to online.

People can now look for jobs and submit their applications on job sites. Applying is now as simple as sending an email. Some also use an online employment application system.

While this evolution can ease the job search, they may also have to first deal with computers, software, or machines.

The Gatekeepers are Robots

Making a resume stand out is always a priority when looking for a job. However, times have changed.

Due to technological advancements, many businesses receive high volumes of job applications. The rise of applicants prompts companies to quicken their recruitment process. And they have found how to do so through applicant tracking systems (ATS).

It's become apparent that the gatekeepers have turned into robots. Due to this added layer, you need to know what makes a good resume, not just for the human recipients but also for the machines.

How to Make a Resume Stand Out

Currently, the ATS performs the matching process between potential employees and employers. Hence, creating a resume with these machines in mind is essential.

So, what makes a good resume that also passes the ATS standards? Here are some tips on how to make a resume stand out from the rest.

  1. Know how the technology works

    One tip to make a resume stand out is to optimize its content and format. Heavily formatted texts give way to readability issues for the ATS. This problem may result in the machine discarding your resume. That's why it's best to use simple text formats.

    It also helps to use file formats that are compatible with most ATS. Doing so ensures that the technology can properly read and judge your resume.

  2. Understand the foundation of a matching system's standards

    Job descriptions are the foundation of matching systems. They use these descriptions to know if your resume matches the recruiter's qualifications.

    Try incorporating the keywords included in the job descriptions into your resume. This factor is what makes a good resume noticeable by the ATS. Make your resume creation easier using a word-cloud generator to check for role-specific keywords in the job description.

  3. Present yourself right

    Resumes are different from CVs. These documents only target a specific job description.

    Another tip to make a resume stand out is to include only highly relevant skills and experience. You can list your skills in a core competencies section. Then, put them into context as you write down your work experience section.

  4. Make your resume short but strong

    Length is also what makes a good resume. Hiring managers and recruiters have many resumes to sift through. So, it's best to keep yours short and to the point.

    While some use two pages, consider using only one instead. Ensure only to include relevant skills and make your recent but related achievements shine. Avoid redundancy and fluff to ensure everything fits on one page.

  5. Describe your work experience

    One of the best ways to make a resume stand out is to quantify your experience. Use metrics and numbers that show how well you've done in your previous roles.

    Recruiters already have an idea of your previous role. So, they may look more into how you performed in that position. With that, include strong action words like "improve," "establish," and the like.

Make a Good Resume that Stands Out

Times have changed, and like other processes, the job-hunting experience has shifted to an online setting. It's no doubt that looking for a job has become easier. However, changes in technology also bring challenges.

Not only do resumes have to impress recruiters, but they also must match the machines. Adapting to these changes is vital to landing the job you aspire to have.

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Written by Career Specialist May 29, 2023
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