What is The Importance of a Cover Letter for a Job Application

What is The Importance of a Cover Letter for a Job Application

In job hunting, submitting resume after resume to recruiters is the normal thing to do. Sometimes, you'll find a job opening asking you to send a cover letter and resume. Like resumes, cover letters aren't general statements on paper that you hand over to recruiters.

To land the job, you must write a cover letter in a way that fits the description. Every job is different, so having a cover letter that perfectly sums up the position can make your application seem more intended. In short, you'll need to tailor your cover letter just like you would your resume for the best results possible

Why Should You Have a Cover Letter for a Job Application?

Every job out there is a perfect fit for someone. Any good job deserves to have a tailored cover letter. While this type of cover letter does show your intentions and hopes for the role, it also gives recruiters an idea of how committed you are to getting the position.

Although this isn't an exhaustive list of why having a cover letter is important, you can find some reasons below.

  • It's what a good job deserves

    If you're serious about landing a job, you'll want to put your best foot forward. Writing a personalized cover letter about why you best qualify for the role can leave a lasting impression on your employer. If you feel like the job isn't worth making a personalized cover letter, then is it a job you should apply to?

  • It helps you stand out from other applicants

    While a resume is an itemized list of your career journey, a cover letter displays your unique character to recruiters. You can use your cover letter to engage employers and build connections with them, even if you're yet to be called for an interview.

  • It acts as a supplement to your resume

    Resumes are documents that summarize your career in short bullet points. Cover letters are pieces of persuasive writing that tell your story. Both talk about the same scope, otherwise known as your career, but they have different writing styles and approaches.

  • It shows your motivation to get the job

    For many people, motivation is key to getting what you want. Companies are always looking for employees who are eager to work. These workers are generally happier and produce a better quality of work. Motivation can also indicate that you're willing to do anything to get the job.

  • It helps impress potential employers

    Cover letters can also help you market yourself to your employers. Writing down your motives and what drives you enough to try out for the position can impress employers. Making a good impression on your employers makes all the difference between a job offer and rejection.

  • It showcases your hard and transferable skills

    Because your cover letter aims to tell a story, you can highlight the skills you've acquired. Soft skills, like leadership, teamwork, and time management, can be applied to almost any job. Even in cases where you might not be the perfect fit for the role, having a relevant and trusty set of technical and social skills can help you adjust to the position.

  • It tells your story

    Your cover letter gives recruiters a better knowledge of your nature, skills, and background. It's also here where you write how you stand out and include your growth outlook. In many ways, it's both a sales pitch and the equal of turning your resume into a story.

Cover Your Bases with a Good Cover Letter

Cover letters are a great way for employers to get to know you before an interview. They help market your skills and talents in a quick read-through way. Understanding why it's important to include it in your application can give you the edge to secure a job.

With your resume and cover letter, it's time to head out and find your dream job. Having over 50,000 job openings, Career.com can help you find your next job opportunity!

Written by Career Specialist May 25, 2023
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