What is a Resume Skills Summary, and Should You Include It?

What is a Resume Skills Summary, and Should You Include It?

When writing your resume, it's important to think about what you'll say and put it carefully. Relevant experience and skills are a must on the list, but there are other things to add, such as a resume skills summary. Like many job hunters, you may be confused if this would make a good impression. In deciding if you should include this part, you have to bear in mind your goal in the job application process.

What is a Resume Skills Summary?

A resume skills summary is the part of your resume where you show employers the skills you have in your professional life. Remember, you should tailor the skills you want to include to the job you're applying for. Aim to write a resume skills summary that will.

You can also include your career goals and successes in this section. It may tempt you to put in all your skills. But remember to only put what's relevant and mirror what's in the job description.

What to Consider in Writing a Skills Summary?

You should consider several things if you decide to include a skills summary for your resume. The first is whether you're looking for a different job. An upgrade or a better job means you need to showcase your skills to get a shot at what you want. A well-written resume skills summary is a great way to try to achieve this.

The second point to consider is if a resume skills summary will be useful. You'll make your way through a few levels in the job application process, which serve as your audience. The following shows if a resume skills summary will come in handy.

  • The applicant tracking system (ATS)

    The first to screen your resume is a machine or software called the applicant tracking system (ATS). Since a computer generates this, a resume skills summary is a way for you to put in more keywords to match the job you want. The ATS is more likely to pick you when you present more matching keywords. When you pass this test, your resume goes to the recruiter.

  • The recruiter, hiring manager, and interview team

    The next set of eyes to check your resume is a person. Whether your resume makes it to the end, a summary will give the reader an idea of who you are and your skills. It helps the entire team decide if you're worth giving an interview.

    Another point to consider in writing a resume skills summary is if you want a similar job. A summary may come off as redundant if it's the same thing found in the rest of the resume. If this is the case, you don't need to include a skills summary for your resume. The same applies if you're a certifiable expert. That's because you're more likely to be doing the same job line or stay in the same industry.

    Length is also a key factor in writing a summary of your skills. Limiting the number of characters will make it more compelling and doesn't waste anyone's time. Be clear, direct, and precise. For better results, add energy to show your interest and passion.

Should You Include a Resume Skills Summary?

The decision to write a skills summary for your resume rests entirely on what you're trying to achieve. A summary can help if you want to apply for a different job. It's also great in giving your resume a lift, especially when making its way through the ATS. If you include a resume skills summary, remember to keep it short and simple. To ease some of your stress from job hunting, visit Career.com today.

Written by Career Specialist May 23, 2023
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