What Industries Boomed During Covid-19: Should You Look for Work There?

What Industries Boomed During Covid-19: Should You Look for Work There?

Covid-19 had devastating effects on people's health, but also on the job market and economy. The pandemic saw non-essential workers sent home. Fear of infection combined with lockdown restrictions resulted in labor decline. When possible, companies transitioned to remote work. Inevitably, industries like tourism and leisure-related work were hit the hardest. However, there were industries that thrived during the pandemic. Some of them were Covid-19 specific, but others are here to stay.

Industries that Boomed During Covid-19


The obvious industry that experienced a spike in trends during Covid-19 was the healthcare sector. Healthcare workers were considered the heroes of the pandemic. They were also in high demand. Everyone from technicians, nurses, frontline workers, epidemiologists, and vaccine researchers to those working in mental health and telehealth. Everyone was relying on someone from this industry at some stage throughout the pandemic.

To Pursue or Not to Pursue?

Though vaccination-related roles have declined, there are plenty of roles that have newfound value. Registered nurses were overworked and constantly stressed due to Covid-19. Nurses are now in high demand and a career worth considering. Telehealth really found its feet throughout the pandemic. As people have realized the convenience and effectiveness, this service will likely become more of a norm.

Undeniably, the pandemic was psychologically burdensome for most. We now have to deal with long-term mental health issues. The healthcare industry will continue to boom post-pandemic.

Information Technology

After healthcare, the star industry of the pandemic was online platforms. From teaching to entertainment apps, contact tracing, and conference calls - everyone relied on their access to computers and the internet.

IT specialists were in high demand with business meetings, school classrooms, and even socializing required platforms like Zoom and Tencent. Many were using them for the first time and required training. With the overload of users, assistance for technical hiccups was inevitable.

Technology also played a major role in healthcare including tracking and predicting spread, cybersecurity in hospitals, and even facial recognition adjusting for masks.

To Pursue or Not to Pursue?

This is an industry that isn't going anywhere. Pre-pandemic, technology was rapidly developing. Arguably, the pandemic fast-tracked technological advancements. More people are opting for using devices for their work and entertainment. This is particularly true with workplaces choosing hybrid and remote arrangements. Computer specialists have opportunities in software development, information research, web development, and interface design.

E-Commerce Front-liners

Seeing as we couldn't leave our homes, we found another way to get supplies. Delivery services boomed during Covid-19. People entirely relied on store deliveries and services like Uber Eats seeing as restaurants had shut. Someone had to be getting these goods to them - factory workers, delivery services, and truck drivers. Job vacancies were in such an abundance that salaries were raised to fill them.

To Pursue or Not to Pursue?

The demand for truck drivers continues post-pandemic. Truck drivers deliver 70% of freight within the USA. Salaries on offer are high, and job vacancies are abundant. (How COVID-19 Has Increased Demand For Truck Drivers | America Truck Driving | Commercial Truck Driving Schools in Orange County and Riverside CA) The pandemic also forced retailers to invest in their online platforms. Due to its ease, online shopping is a trend that's here to stay. The need for front-liners remains high.

Wealth Management

Covid-19 brought a lot of shocks. Confined to their place of residence, people realized the need to have a steady place to call home. There was also the harsh realization that savings are crucial in emergencies, for retirement, and for college. As a result, a lot of financial and mortgage advisors and accountants were sought out for their advice.

To Pursue or Not to Pursue?

But are people still thinking about their futures now that the worst is over? Yes. As new laws and support measures have rolled out, individuals and businesses are seeking financial support more than ever. Many suffered financially during the pandemic and need assistance navigating their way out. Advisors and accountants are helping people achieve their short and long-term goals.

Digital Communication

With everyone turning to e-commerce during the pandemic, digital communication boomed. Brand awareness, web presence, and digital ads were the way to sell products. Digital professionals were responsible for engaging consumers with products. As the abundance of online presence grew, so did the competition to keep up with online algorithms.

To Pursue or Not to Pursue?

There is no argument here - digital communication continues to grow. The opportunities in this industry include digital marketing, search engine optimization, social media marketing, and content creation. This certainly wasn't just a Covid-19 boom. If companies and brands want to compete in today's market, they will be employing digital specialists to adapt to the rapidly changing online world.

These are just a few examples of industries that boomed during Covid-19. As the negatively-affected industries return to some normality, others exit the pandemic with huge opportunities worth considering in your career development. Read our article on how to keep up with trends.

Written by Career Specialist Mar 07, 2023
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