4 Reasons Job Hunting is Kept Secret

4 Reasons Job Hunting is Kept Secret

Nothing is quite as emotionally dangerous as job hunting. Due to social taboos and beliefs, not many people want to talk about their secret job search. It's also an incredibly personal topic that you may not feel comfortable sharing with the whole family.

Since everyone has a different idea of an ideal career, some job seekers fear that they may end up facing more criticism than support. The constant pressure can also add up to the job-hunting stress. But what exactly is it that makes job hunting taboo in the first place?

Why is Job Hunting Kept a Secret?

According to a study by Censuswide, 65% of job seekers worry about other people finding out about their secret job search. While it is not wrong to look for better opportunities, some countries have limited employment protection. If your employer finds out about your job hunt, they may perceive you as disloyal and let you go.

Behavioral economist Paul Dolan adds that people want others to see them as successful in their careers. Without a guarantee of a position, it can expose you to potential success or failure and embarrassment.

Why is Job Hunting Stressful?

Here are a few reasons why it may be best to keep your job seeking efforts a secret until you accept an offer.

  • Endless rejection

    Looking for a new job can be stressful. Submitting a resume doesn't always guarantee an interview with your employer of choice. It may be because of an issue with your resume, or the employer found someone capable.

    Either way, facing multiple rejections can be hard to swallow and not easy to talk about with people waiting to hear from you.

  • Impossible to predict

    No one can say for sure how long it can take before they land a new opportunity. For some people, it may take a week. Meanwhile, others may spend months looking at job ads before they get somewhere.

  • Disappointment laden

    Everyone wants to be successful in what they do. But if your efforts are beaten down by constant disappointment, it can be hard to keep going. Some people may also begin questioning their abilities, causing them to put less effort.

  • The hunt may shift the goal

    In the beginning, you may look for job openings that match your needs and goals. But this mindset may change when the job hunt stretches out for too long.

    After a few interviews, you may end up in a company far from what you expected. You may also feel stressed when companies take time before they get back to you. This stress can cause you to panic and take the first offer you get without weighing your options.

How to Overcome Job Hunting Stress

You can try different methods to help de-stress from your secret job search. For one, it pays to build a plan to help break down your goals into more manageable pieces. This will help you to stay positive throughout the process and analyze the market more carefully.

While you may not feel comfortable talking with loved ones about your job search, alternatives exist. A great example is someone from outside your home whom you trust, like an acquaintance or colleague.

Staying Cool in the Face of the Unknown

The pains of looking for new career opportunities while still employed can leave you exhausted. Yet, you can use many strategies and approaches to make the journey more bearable. This includes using tools or online job boards like Career to help narrow down your job options. With over 40,000 job openings, you may just secure the ideal job opportunity at Career.com.

Written by Career Specialist Feb 06, 2023
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