The Importance of Online Presence for Job Seekers

The Importance of Online Presence for Job Seekers

Social media paved the way for people to showcase their personal brands through an online presence. It's helpful for job seekers, especially when signaling their availability for a job.

Meanwhile, future employers can check the applicants' social media presence to determine their candidacy for employment. This article delves deeper into the importance of online presence for a job search.

5 Reasons That Show the Importance of Online Presence

Apart from being able to connect with loved ones, having an online presence allows you more chances to network with important industry people. It's why social media platforms are widely used and accepted tools in the business world. The following are some reasons why online presence for job seekers is important.

  1. Online profiles tell more than your resume

    Resumes require at least one page to put all your personal and professional information. Most of the time, this isn't enough to showcase all you can offer. With social media's evolution, you can use them to build a solid digital standing. You can showcase your skills, talents, and creative flares through these platforms.

  2. Opportunity to build a professional brand

    You can take things a step beyond building a professional brand. Like, share, and comment on relevant topics to show your industry knowledge. Work towards making your digital standing professional yet fun and smart. Create an online presence where employers can see what you have to offer.

  3. Recruiters and hiring managers look online

    Online profiles provide more insight into a candidate than a resume alone. In fact, 70% of employers believe that every company must screen their candidates' social media profiles.

    Employers typically look for any red flags from potential hires. Hence, you should get ahead of anything negative by making sure all the top search results about yourself would be fine for your employer to see.

  4. Social media helps job seekers learn about companies

    A job hunt is a two-way street. As recruiters look for candidates online, you can also learn about the companies there. Gathered details from web research can also help you with interviews and impressing recruiters. This process enhances your job search, landing a job that fits your liking.

  5. An online presence helps speed things up

    Online career platforms benefit you, too, as looking for jobs is easier and more convenient. You apply for jobs you want on the web and get responses from recruiters. Having a digital standing makes it faster for recruiters to evaluate you. They can decide whether you're right for the job based on your profile and resume.

Questions to Consider for Your Online Presence

The importance of online presence will boil down to the boundaries you set between your personal and professional life. Because it's social media, there are things that you don't want others to know. There may also be some things that you want to highlight more. Consider these questions when disclosing your digital standing to maintain that work-and-life-balance:

  1. What info is already out there?

    Conduct deep and massive Google research on yourself. Look at the results to know if you have anything left to protect.

  2. Where do you draw the line?

    Draw the line with things that are yours alone and things you share with others. Be conscious of doing so, as it can affect your digital standing.

  3. What will make your work life better?

    What you share online should help improve your work life. Get rid of or hide anything you think will jeopardize your chances of getting the job.

  4. What would you rather not share?

    Have a clear picture of what you're comfortable sharing. You can do this by listing the things you rather keep to yourself.

  5. How do people see you?

    To better answer this question, you can ask a network, "How do you see me?" Your online presence is all a matter of perception, you can only explain your side, but it may seem different from another person's view.

Create an Online Presence That Sets You Apart

Being active on social media can also help you with the competitive job market. Knowing the importance of online presence and how to build a strong one can be your edge. Since most company details are now online, looking for the ones you want is hassle-free. Find a job near you at and make your life and career better.

Written by Career Specialist May 10, 2023
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