The Business Ecosystem: Why It Matters in Your Career

The Business Ecosystem: Why It Matters in Your Career

All businesses make up a network. They meet and connect with suppliers, marketplaces, partners, customers, investors, and more. Being employed also means being involved in this network. This is commonly known by the term industry ecosystem or business ecosystem.

What is a Business Ecosystem?

A business ecosystem is an arrangement between several companies that target each other's value. It is composed of a dynamic network with opportunities for career growth.

All parties offer different products and services and compete and cooperate with others. Since all of them affect one another, their relationships continuously develop. To survive in this network, companies should be adaptable and flexible.

When searching for a new job, your path will effectively go through this network. This can start with the company you're applying for, the industry it's related to, etc.

The further you look into the connections, the better you understand your career. You also find that each industry becomes easier to navigate.

Finding Your Way in the Ecosystem

Your job hunt is a journey through the intersection of different industries. You explore business ecosystems to see what they are like. As you move forward, you discover how to navigate the map more efficiently.

Now that you have defined what is a business ecosystem, here are some ways to make your career flourish with it.

  1. Start with where you are

    Before navigating the business ecosystem, you need to review your starting point. Find out where a certain job's connections will lead. This includes the locations you can work in, the responsibilities of the role, and more. Reviewing helps you figure out if you are suitable for the job.

  2. Look at the opportunities in the ecosystem

    Once you know the ecosystem, look for other opportunities you may come across within. This can be a good gauge of where your career can go over time. But this doesn't necessarily mean you must stay in the same industry. Note that the decision to stay in your current line of work or to grow in a different industry ultimately depends on which intersection you want to tread in the business ecosystem.

  3. Figure out things that you like for work

    Being satisfied with your career means being invested in what you do. Instead of focusing on what industry pays the most, find things you want to try. A genuine interest in something can make the learning process easier as well. You'll be able to pick up new skills quicker to help you grow.

  4. Shop for context

    The business ecosystem consists of individual parts that collectively work together. The only way to get around is through the multiple intersections.

    With this in mind, know that each career path can lead you to different roads. So, before entering one route, look around to see the context of the career you want. There are no right or wrong decision as you make your way through the intersection. What matters is you are on the track to a career path that you want.

  5. Build a map for your next gig

    Not everyone wants to stay in the same career long term. Fortunately, you have many opportunities to go into different industries. By using the business ecosystem, you can map out the career prospects you may enter. It can also give you an idea of the skills you need.

Discovering Your Purpose in the Ecosystem

Various industries and companies seem different, but they're all connected to make up an extensive network. When searching for a job, you'll eventually find yourself caught in this ecosystem. Use it to guide you through different career paths and study your options.

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Written by Career Specialist May 09, 2023
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