Social Media Privacy for Job Seekers: Dos and Don'ts

Social Media Privacy for Job Seekers: Dos and Don'ts

Technology is continuously evolving to benefit your daily routine. But with channels like social media growing more popular, privacy can be hard to keep. Social media for job seekers like you can also be a problem. This article can teach you how to control your online image and manage your social media privacy.

What is Social Media Privacy for Job Seekers?

Some hiring managers prefer using social media to find out more about you. They can learn about your interests, hobbies, and who you are in private. As such, knowing your boundaries and understanding them is important.

  1. In social media, you are the product

    Social media platforms are free to use because you are the product. Marketers and recruiters look at your profile and see how well you match with their organizations. The information you post helps categorize you into a demographic or group.

  2. There are risks

    Everyone can see what you post on social media at any time. Recruiters can take this information and judge you. It also makes it easier for the right company with shared interests to find you.

  3. Privacy-fit tradeoffs

    1. Better fit = less privacy

      When you provide companies with more information, they can see how well you match their culture. But this sacrifices your social media privacy and poses privacy concerns.

    2. More privacy = less effective

      The more private you are with your personal life, the more you can protect yourself. But this can leave recruiters unsure about your character, which may hinder your chances.

  4. Is it good or bad for you?

    The information you put on social media can have positive and negative effects. But ultimately, it is up to you to manage your privacy online.

  5. Be intentional and know your message

    When posting online, you need to be intentional with your message. You should know what you want to accomplish by sharing the information.

Social Media Dos and Don'ts for a Job Search

There are certain rights and wrongs with social media for job seekers. Here are some tips you should know as you look for your next role.

  1. Do be consistent

    Before you publish anything, think about the message you want to share. Being consistent will let recruiters understand you better and make you more appealing.

  2. Do tweet carefully

    The things you post can easily be misinterpreted by people who don't know you. As such, you must be mindful of what you share online.

  3. Don't forget your privacy settings

    Remember that your social media privacy is within your control when you join any platform. The things you share can be public or private if you want. It can also be changed at your convenience.

  4. Don't pretend to be someone you're not

    Make your online presence a genuine representation of who you are. The more authentic you are, the better people understand you. This makes it easier to find a company that matches your values.

  5. Do review your profiles and posts

    While it's fun to personalize your account, think about how others may see it. Be aware of your content and how it affects your image. Play it safe and share things relevant to your profession, which may be more appealing to recruiters.

Protect Yourself While Everyone's Watching

Knowing how to protect your privacy is a large part of social media. But it can be hard to find a balance if you want to appeal to recruiters. Luckily, social media privacy matters are always within your control as you continue your job-hunting journey.

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Written by Career Specialist Apr 27, 2023
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