Job Search Funnel: The Key to Landing the Job

Job Search Funnel: The Key to Landing the Job

Teachers do not often teach their students how to look for a job. It can be why you may feel anxious about landing a job after graduating. But, here's something not many people know about job hunting: there's a funnel you can follow.

You can view job hunting as a content marketing exercise since it follows a similar sales funnel. But instead of selling, you aim to get an interview. So, the job search funnel is key to landing a job.

This article will help you understand how the job search funnel works and get a few tips for landing a job.

What is the Job Search Funnel

The funnel is a guide to help you know your next steps when looking for a job. Learn more about it below. The job search funnel:

  1. Clarifies the job search process

    A job search funnel is a set of steps you can take. It includes finding reliable job sources and leads to getting your first interview. It makes the process more systematic, lessening your confusion.

  2. Increases your chances of getting hired

    Since a plan makes your goals easier to achieve, the job search funnel provides a step-by-step strategy. This can help you find work and learn tips for landing a job.

  3. Lessens tension and fear

    Vague ideas of what to do next cause anxiety for most people during a job hunt. The funnel clarifies your next steps, giving you confidence during the process.

  4. Makes restarting the hunt easier

    Because a job hunt is something you are bound to do more than once, it is hard to begin from nothing every time. Knowing the job search funnel and tips for landing a job makes the process easy to pick up again.

  5. Helps improve your skills

    Finding work opportunities and tips for landing a job is a skill. The job search funnel is a powerful tool to help you discover ones that others may not have yet.

The Job Search Funnel: The Key to Landing the Job

The job search funnel has five simple steps to guide you through the process. Check them out below.

  1. Find sources

    Tap into your network and talk to your community to find sources. Anyone you know that can help you find more opportunities or tips for landing a job is great.

    Most of the time, those outside your social circle can help you the most. That is why you should try reaching out to more acquaintances than close friends when finding sources.

  2. Do research

    Your objective here is to find leads, and the sources can help you connect to more people who will help you. They might even share valuable insights and tips for landing a job that is not available elsewhere.

  3. Validate leads

    You want to ensure you are talking to the right people. Those are people who work at companies that do things in which you are interested. Create a list of leads based on the sources you've spoken to since they're the ones you'll want to reach out to for tips for landing a job.

  4. Start outreach

    The goal of reaching out to the leads is to build a relationship. Be as friendly as you can to build trust. The relationship you create can sometimes lead to exciting opportunities.

    Most of the time, the leads may not respond to you. But if they do, do not let it go to waste. If you build a strong enough relationship, they may invite you to an interview and give you tips for landing a job.

  5. Attend and nail interviews

    The funnel's purpose is to get you to an interview since it is your chance to show more of what you can offer while talking to the company directly.

Improve Your Job Hunt with a Job Search Funnel

Schools do not have job hunting classes, but that does not mean you cannot learn how to get better at it. A job search funnel helps you find opportunities for exciting work and tips for landing a job. Once you've understood how it works, you can visit to start your job hunting journey.

Written by Career Specialist Feb 20, 2023
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