Job Hunting: What it is, Steps, and Why it’s a Full-Time Job

Job Hunting: What it is, Steps, and Why it’s a Full-Time Job

Job hunting is often a stressful experience. This is because there's no assurance you'll land your desired job. Ask any job seeker, and you'll learn that they're anxious about the process. This may happen because they see a job search as a clear-cut process. In reality, it involves different job hunting steps that can help them find and land a job.

If you're new to the working world, you may wonder: what is job hunting? What is job hunting for? And how can you successfully do it? Read on to learn the answers to these questions.

What is Job Hunting?

Job hunting is the process of looking for an occupation. People may switch careers, leave toxic workplaces, or learn new skills. Like an actual job, job hunting involves goals, measurable outcomes, set objectives, and progress. Some job hunters go through it quickly, while others take longer. Nonetheless, it can be fulfilling once you follow a specific process.

Here are the seven job hunting steps you should take to land a job.

  1. Accept

    The first step is accepting who and where you are in your career. This also means knowing that job hunting is a time-consuming process.

  2. Assess

    Evaluate who you are and where you want your career to go. Assessment helps identify your goals and measure your progress.

  3. Target

    Once you know your identity and career direction, determine where you want to work. Learn about different companies and their culture, employees, and industry. You can also use connections to check and get into a particular company.

  4. Present

    This step involves submitting your resume and reaching out to potential employers. It also means improving your communication skills to better converse with interviewers.

  5. Interview

    Going through the job hunting steps mentioned so far can lead you to interviews with prospective employers. Treat interviews as opportunities to market your skills, objectives, and career goals. This is also your chance to learn more about the company and the position you're applying for.

  6. Negotiate

    Upon receiving a job offer, you can negotiate the terms with your employer. These terms include your salary, benefits, and work arrangement. Negotiating allows you to explain why you deserve more.

  7. Begin again

    Starting a new job means doing everything to be successful at it. Moving jobs also allows you to get better at job hunting and makes you more attractive to potential employers.

Why is Job Hunting a Full-Time Job?

A more specific answer to "what is job hunting?" Job hunting is a full-time job that requires your full and immediate attention. As intimidating as it sounds, it can help you get your desired job, secure better pay, benefits, and more.

  • Involves a specific process

    Seeking a job means going through different job hunting steps. It requires a lot of patience and understanding. Once you land a job, you also become more disciplined.

  • Requires at least 40 hours a week

    Job hunting to land your desired job requires a lot of preparation. You must assess yourself and your career and create an attractive resume and portfolio. You also need to improve your communication skills to impress potential employers.

  • Prepares you for leadership

    Think of job hunting as a stepping stone for leadership. Being a leader means facing a lot of business challenges. Once you've mastered job hunting, you'll be more well-equipped to resolve challenges as a leader.

Treat Job Hunting as the Key to Success

Treating job hunting as a full-time job allows you to resolve work challenges better. It prepares you for a market with high unemployment rates and competition.

With the job hunting steps above, you'll learn what job hunting is for. They can help improve your skills as you move to and from different companies.

We at understand how difficult job hunting can be. This is why we feature jobs in different categories to simplify your job hunting experience. Find your next job with us today!

Written by Career Specialist Feb 16, 2023
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