How to Write a Title for a Resume Cover Letter

How to Write a Title for a Resume Cover Letter

Once you've written your resume and cover letter, it is time to send them off to an employer. You attach them to an email, inform the hiring manager that the application materials are attached, and write a basic subject line before sending it off. All good, right?

Well, you should take some more time and care with the email subject line. This small component of the email can make a huge difference in whether a hiring manager opens your email. Don't let your application slip through the cracks and understand how to write an email subject line today.

How Important is the Email Subject Line?

Recruiters receive a large number of emails regarding job positions every day. Due to this, your email may be lost in the flood of other applicants' emails. Garner attention through your email subject line to make an immediate connection with a hiring manager.

You may think that an email subject line should simply read 'Resume for [Job Listing]' or '[Your Name]'s Resume.' You can do this if you are confident that your email will be read. It would be wise, however, to consider padding out your email subject line to make it stand out to an employer.

What Should You Include in Your Title for a Resume Cover Letter

Your email subject line needs to generate immediate interest in a hiring manager. If you can make it intriguing, you will more likely receive an invitation to an interview from the hiring manager. To ensure that your email gets opened and read, here are some tips.

  1. Be direct

    Your email subject line should be clear and to the point in its intentions.

  2. Avoid sounding robotic

    Include personalized information and be specific to encourage a hiring manager to open your email.

  3. Be concise

    Ensure that your email subject line isn't too long and only includes relevant and important information.

How to Write an Email Subject Line

The first thing you need to check when sending a professional email is that your email address isn't unprofessional. If you don't have a separate email for professional correspondence, consider creating one as it will be valuable to you in your job search. After all, no hiring manager is going to open an email from

If you have found out about an opportunity via a job listing, check if there are any instructions for writing the email subject line. Employers will tell you what application materials to provide to them and this often extends to the information to include in an email subject line. If there are no instructions, then make sure you come across as professional.

Use keywords in your email subject line. Include the job identification number or job title as you can't assume that the employer already knows which job you are applying for. You can also include your name in the email subject line so that the recruiter doesn't need to open the email to see who sent it.

You should keep your email subject line concise between 40 and 60 characters. As with every other job application material, you need to proofread it afterward. If there is a mistake, it may come across as unprofessional and uncaring.

Avoid using unprofessional language in the email subject line. You also don't need to capitalize every word. Keep your language simple as you don't want to confuse the recruiter before they open the email.

Examples of an Email Subject Line

Here are some examples of email subject lines for resume cover letters.

  • John Doe - Social Media Analyst position
  • Marketing coordinator - Jenny Smith
  • Job #123: Train Conductor
  • Job Application - Catherine James - Applying for Nurse position, Miami
  • Paul Lennon resume for Customer Service Manager position
  • Hi John, Paul Hill suggested I contact you
  • If you're looking for some to add value to your team, that would be me
  • HR manager with 20 years of experience looking to join your company

These are just some examples of how you could structure your email subject line. Take the time to consider which one would work best for you. Advertize yourself in a way that will stimulate interest from an employer.

Written by Career Specialist Mar 06, 2023
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