How to Write a Thank You Note After an Interview

How to Write a Thank You Note After an Interview

After a job interview, it's very common that the worries and jitters start kicking in. You begin overthinking the words you said and over-read the interviewer's tone and choice of words from your memory. You even start to regret your answers because you can already think of three more ways you could have answered more cleverly.

The thing is, the interview is over. Worrying about it will be useless and may potentially add to an already stressful job hunt. But here's a relief—you can write a thank-you note. A thank-you note is something that people usually say they'll do but never make.

This time, you won't pass on it because you'll learn how to write a thank you note after an interview.

How to Write a Thank You Note after an Interview?

People appreciate kind gestures. While a thank you note seems pointless, employers and hiring managers will commend it. Here's how you can write an interview thank you note that will stand out from the rest.

  1. Identify whom to thank

    Express your gratitude to everyone you have met, from the one who referred you to the job to the person who interviewed you.

    When you interact with someone who has helped you get this interview, take their contact information. Ask them, "Would you mind giving me your email address and contact number?” You may also ask for their office address if you wish to send a physical thank you note.

    Knowing whom to thank will also give you focus on personalizing your letter. Employers want something personalized and unique. Remember, no one wants a templated letter.

  2. Know where to get thank you notes

    A neat and personalized email is a thoughtful gesture. However, people still feel extra special when they receive physical and handwritten thank-you letters.

    In writing your best letter, you must use quality materials that you can get from or Amazon. Make them look sentimental yet still professional. They'll surely appreciate beyond the niceness of the card and the time you took to thank them.

  3. Thank everyone profusely

    Ensure that your receiver feels appreciated. Thank them profusely in different ways. Tell them how their actions have helped you. Separate paragraphs may indicate the ways they have helped you.

  4. Be sincere

    The first step is to find your writing style instead of copying what's on the internet. People can tell when a thank you note is heartfelt. Mention which parts of your interactions you appreciate instead of just saying what you think they want to hear.

    Make your remarks personal and based on your interactions. Reference it if you had a little inside joke during the interview or exchange. However, don't overdo it to the point of seemingly trying too hard.

  5. Restate specifics

    A thank-you note is not just about flattery. It must also show your intentions. Refer to something specific that you discussed during the interview or interaction. It may be an exciting part about the position you are applying for or the skills and experience you wish to expound on.

    If you wish to have said more in the interview, this is your chance.

  6. Make yourself memorable

    Your personality sets you apart from the rest. Make sure it shows. You may add a touch of “you” to the design or layout of your letter. It can also show in the subtle word choices and even your creative yet professional email sign-off.

    Remember to add your full name and contact information below and thank them one last time.

Thankfulness Helps Build Bonds

Employers and hiring managers talk to multiple prospects daily. Unfortunately, some people don't stand out when they're too plain or passive about things.

Remember that writing a good thank you note aims to be remembered and asked back. Make sure you put much thought into your thank you note like you spent effort preparing for your interview. Your note must remind employers that you're the best candidate for the job.

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Written by Career Specialist Feb 14, 2023
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