How to Make a Resume One Page: 5 Simple Tips

How to Make a Resume One Page: 5 Simple Tips

The job screening process often involves a lot of applications. You must ensure you respect the time of those involved while standing out from others. Your resume should reflect this goal.

Writing a resume is the perfect example of how making something simpler can be hard. You're limited to just one page. So, making sure that you include all important details requires skill.

You might be thinking about how to make a resume one page. Don't worry because here are tips to deliver a great one-page resume!

What to Include in a One-Page Resume Format

Your resume must have six sections. These sections present important information about you that makes you a good candidate.

  1. Skills

    Employers need to know what skills you have that fit the job. Present them in your one-page resume without using complex words. Use precise and dense words instead. You can scale each skill, whether beginner, intermediate, advanced, or expert.

    It's important to highlight the ones important to the position you're applying for. It's one way to tailor your skills based on the job description.

  2. Accomplishments

    List all of your accomplishments using action words. Provide numbers that show the results, and the metrics should be measurable.

  3. Work experience

    In your one-page resume, list all your previous job titles, starting from the most recent one. Each entry should include your employer, the duration of your work experience, and the city and state. You may also list a short description of your tasks for each entry.

  4. Professional summary

    Your employers only scan your application for a few seconds. So, make a positive impression and relay your motivation using a professional summary of two to three sentences. It should include a short introduction and show your most notable experiences, accomplishments, and skills.

  5. Contact information

    Ensure that you include your contact details so your employer can contact you. Provide your phone number, professional email address, state address, and social media profile or portfolio.

    Double-check your entries. You don't need to state your birthdate or provide a photo. You must also avoid using an informal email address.

  6. Education

    Writing the education part of your resume can be tricky. It's not always necessary in a one-page resume unless stated as required. But education may still hold value since it shows the foundation of your knowledge.

5 Simple Tips on How to Make a Resume One-Page

  1. Choose the right format

    Choose the right resume format to keep you within one page. There are available formats if you prefer to focus on your long list of experience, skills, or a combination of both.

  2. Keep your sentences short

    Another helpful tip to make a resume one page is to use short and simple sentences.

    Allot one paragraph for longer entries, such as work experiences and accomplishments. Limit your paragraphs to three to four sentences. Each sentence should be no longer than 15 words. Complete sentences aren't necessary.

  3. Use keywords

    Employers find it useful to use application screening technologies to filter applications. So, use keywords that target the job descriptions. Just focus on these keywords. By doing so, your resume can pass this initial screening process.

  4. Reduce pronoun usage

    If your resume is still more than a page and you need more tips on making a resume one page, delete some pronouns. You can omit pronouns in statements and still relay messages without these additional words.

  5. Limit articles to near zero

    Since you're working with just one page, only use the necessary words. You can also edit articles, such as ‘the,' to keep your statements short. Make sure that when omitting these words, your statements still communicate their thoughts effectively.

Putting Everything Important on One Page

Making sure all relevant information fits in a one-page resume is hard. It must include your skills, accomplishments, work experience, education, and contact details.

Choosing the right format, keeping your sentences short but concise, and deleting irrelevant words can do the trick. It's a sign that you respect the time and effort of the hiring managers.

Once you've passed the question on how to make a resume one page, you're off to a great start. Continue your job-hunting journey at and land the job you want!

Written by Career Specialist Jun 27, 2023
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