How to Job Hunt with a Buddy

How to Job Hunt with a Buddy

It's easy to vent your job hunting frustration to your friends and family. Job hunts may also involve rejection and disappointments, which can be emotionally harmful. However, doing so can bring the mood down.

You need someone unbiased and dependable to confide in so you can push through. A job hunt buddy may just be the help you need in your journey. Here's how to job hunt with a buddy for a better experience.

Why is it Important to Job Hunt with a Co-Conspirator?

Looking for a job can be emotionally taxing. As such, you need someone to give you that much-needed encouragement.

Having a co-conspirator is the job hunting help you need to overcome difficulties. Your buddy must also be a job seeker. This way, you have shared experiences and can be a source of safety and support for each other.

When learning how to job hunt with a buddy, consider the following components:

  • Willingness to hear honest feedback

    Unlike inner circles, co-conspirators don't shy away from providing constructive feedback. For your part, actively address their comments to improve your job search.

  • Willingness to share honest feedback

    The buddy system isn't a one-way street. You must also share feedback with your buddy. This will help you both land the jobs you want.

  • For check-ins

    Checking on each other can relieve the stress of the job search. Ask how the other is doing and provide encouragement when needed. You can better prioritize things for the job hunt when your mind is clear.

  • To review weekly plans

    Improvements are another job hunting help co-conspirators can offer. You can give tips for better interview answers or refine resumes and CVs. This is especially helpful if you're aiming for an in-demand job.

  • Shared metrics

    Complement your weekly review meetings by checking standard metrics. Factors like the ratio of applications versus interview offers or rejections can give insights into what works.

Who Should Your Buddy or Co-Conspirator Be?

Finding the best co-conspirator is an important step in how to job hunt. While the job hunt may be temporary, the period is often heavy. You want someone who will stay with you until the end.

Here's what to consider when looking for a job hunting buddy.

  • Qualifications

    Your buddy should be someone who is also on a job hunt. Shared experiences help them be more empathetic. It would also help to have a person who is a good listener. They know what to do when you need support.

    A buddy system requires commitment. Job hunting may be temporary, but you need someone who won't leave you hanging.

    They should also be committed to learning how to job hunt efficiently. They should be willing to give genuine and constructive feedback when necessary. Being better at job search can push you both in the right direction.

  • Where to find them

    You can find a co-conspirator in different places. The most accessible platform to look into is social media. However, not everyone there is trustworthy.

    For safer alternatives, you can contact professional associations or chambers of commerce. You can even find them in your local community's church.

Job Hunt with a Helping Hand

The buddy system offers the safety and support necessary for a fruitful job hunt. However, you need to take the initiative to look for a buddy and ask for job hunting help.

Remember to look at it as a moment of vulnerability that takes courage. Once you find the right co-conspirator, the job hunting process will run smoother.

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Written by Career Specialist Jun 26, 2023
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