How to Find Work Through Social Media

How to Find Work Through Social Media

Social media means a lot more nowadays than just keeping your grandma up to date with your latest holiday. The job market is getting more competitive. You need to be savvy about finding a job. Data was pulled for 2021-2022 and found that 73% of millennials found their last job on social media.

Platforms such as LinkedIn exist entirely for professional appearances. You may be surprised to learn just how much recruiters rely on social media to find and judge applicants. Though it may not be the traditional approach, times are changing and social media now plays a valuable role in a job search.

What Social Media Platform Can Land You a Job?

So what platform is most likely to land you a job? Any platform you focus on.

Surveys show that 91% of recruiters use LinkedIn, 47% use Twitter, 40% use Glassdoor, 39% use Facebook, and 11% use Twitter when listing jobs and searching for applicants.

This doesn't mean you need to be active on every platform out there. Obviously, a professional LinkedIn profile is important. As for others, see where leaders in your industry are most active and focus on that one. This is especially useful for graduates or those making a career change who don't have much experience to boast on their resumes.

How to be Professionally Active on Social Media

There are ways to stay active online for your professional benefit. This includes following people, interacting with posts, and creating a good image for yourself.

Follow the companies you're interested in to see their posts. This is a good tactic to learn about company culture and values. 'Coincidentally' bringing post topics up in an interview is a sure way to impress. You can also find the company leaders that you can then attempt to interact with directly.

Be a thought leader on platforms like Twitter and LinkedIn. Share posts relevant to your industry and comment on discussion threads. By doing so, you can develop your professional knowledge and grow your network.

Make sure all your social platforms reflect you well. A questionable Facebook post can be enough to turn a potential employer away. Utilize privacy settings on platforms that you're more casual about, but remain visible online.

How to Find a Job on Social Media

The above tactics are important for your online image, but how do you actually find a job on social media? LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook all have functions to help you.

Once you've filled your LinkedIn profile with all your skills, experiences, and an eye-catching description, try out all the nifty tools!

  • Use the 'easy apply' function to submit applications. All you'll need is your resume (tailored to the position and company, of course).
  • Personalize your message for when you make connections, instead of the automated message.
  • Use the chat box to express job interest directly to recruiters and leaders in the company you've got your eye on.
  • Activate job alerts for your specific interests so you can be the first to apply.

Use Twitter and Facebook to search for jobs in a less formal setting. On Twitter, you can follow hashtags to stay up to date with your industry and job vacancies (e.g., #accountingjobopportunities, #accountingnews, or #graduatejobs). Facebook groups can be more useful than you realize. Recruiters often post in groups to attract a specific talent pool. Try this:

Step 1. Type in "your industry + careers" or "your industry + job opportunities" and see all the groups that have decent numbers and activity.

Step 2. Join the groups and see the nature of the posts - if they're friendly and casual, make a post to introduce yourself and let the members know what you're looking for.

Step 3. Scroll through or use the search bar for terms like 'job opportunity' as recruiters will often list job vacancies directly in groups.

Start Socializing

Job opportunities aren't limited to job boards and newspapers anymore. Social media is a useful tool to engage when you're finding a job. Use these platforms for your professional image, to expand your network and industry knowledge, and to apply for jobs directly. Landing a job may simply come down to being active online.

Written by Career Specialist Mar 06, 2023
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