How to Find a Job Using LinkedIn: Tips and Tricks

How to Find a Job Using LinkedIn: Tips and Tricks

Out of all the jobhunting websites out there, LinkedIn has been one of the most useful sites for people looking for jobs. Today, there are several platforms job hunters turn to when looking for work. These platforms are easily available online, which makes the entire job process easier than ever before.

LinkedIn: Knowing the Basics

LinkedIn is the world's largest network for both job hunters and employers. In many ways, it acts as an online job board than other social media sites, while your profile is your online public resume. You can create a profile with your unique career journey for others to see.

The site also offers you an easy time connecting with different types of people. By connecting with professionals from different backgrounds, you grow your social network. Expanding this network and keeping your profile up to date are just some ways to find a job using LinkedIn.

Tips and Tricks: LinkedIn Job Search

For the best results, you'll need to consider some tricks to navigate the LinkedIn space effectively. These can range from how you market yourself to how you can quickly grow connections, all of which seek to improve your presence on the platform.

  • Write about the things you do

    LinkedIn lets your imagination run wild when it comes to your profile summaries. By doing this, you give recruiters a comprehensive look at your work, deliverables, accomplishments, and skills you've acquired.

    Writing about what you do becomes an effective foundation for employers to reach out to you. It means there are no limits that can potentially hinder what you can put in your online resume.

  • Look for feedback on your writing

    Millions of professionals are active on LinkedIn, so having a shortage of people willing to help you with feedback is virtually impossible. For an effective LinkedIn job search, ask for feedback on your writing so you can find better ways to present yourself in the future.

    To write well, you need to go through writing a lot of bad work. You improve by getting your work critiqued by others.

  • Say what you're looking for

    Regardless of what you do professionally, always state the roles you want when job hunting. Not only does this set the stage for future work opportunities, but it also discourages message requests from industries you're not interested in. An upfront idea of what you want makes the entire process more meaningful and time efficient.

  • Post about your strengths

    Make it a point to lean on your strengths a lot! These must be evident on your profile so recruiters can know what you're like as an employee. Playing by your strengths, especially ones that relate well with your preferred role, can convince employers to reach out.

  • Keep your profile up to date

    Many people will visit your profile daily. Because of this, you must regularly update your profile summary. Any accomplishments achieved or any major project handled at your current job should automatically be added to your LinkedIn profile.

    Aside from having an updated list of experience and skills, having a presentable profile can also lead to more views or engagements. It means having a page with an updated profile picture, profile summary, skillset, etc. While they might not seem important, profiles with a profile picture are 14 times more likely to receive views over ones that don't.

Get Linked Through LinkedIn

LinkedIn is an excellent tool for people looking for work opportunities. The convenient and user-friendly experience it offers makes it an ideal tool for anyone, from recent graduates to industry veterans. Its wide range of users makes the site a perfect job board for all sectors.

Besides networking professionally, LinkedIn should be one of the websites you use when looking for a job. However, you shouldn't cage yourself in this one site. There are other platforms you should check out and apply to.

A wider online visibility improves your chances of employers scouting you. With almost 52,000 openings at your fingertips, you can also find your next job opportunity with!

Written by Career Specialist Jun 20, 2023
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