How to Build a Social Media Presence for Your Job Search

How to Build a Social Media Presence for Your Job Search

More than connecting to your old friends and distant relatives, social profiles can give future employers a more in-depth glimpse into your character.

Companies use social media platforms such as LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter as recruitment tools in their candidate selection process. Thus, building a social media presence aligned with what most companies seek may be key to your job search success.

Why Build Your Social Media Presence?

Recruitment can be time-consuming and expensive, whether a company is small or large. Social media, which can offer a summary of your character, saves you and your recruiter from spending extra time and expenses on the hiring process.

A resume may be a reference for your work experience, skills, and credentials. However, your social media presence can tell your employer who you are, what career goals you want to accomplish, and other qualities you can bring to the table.

6 Ways to Build Your Social Media Presence

Look at your online profile and put yourself in a recruiter's shoes: Does your social media presence make you an attractive candidate for a professional job? It's important to display respect in values and conduct yourself in the manner that best represents you.

Building a social media presence can be a challenge. However, it can help you develop your brand, demonstrate your professional skills, and draw more interest from a wider group of recruiters.

  1. Complete your online profile

    Social media platforms have specific sections in your profile that enable you to put your personal and professional experiences. Don't leave them blank. Take advantage of these spaces by being transparent about who you are.

    Recruiters rifle through hundreds of profiles every day for a suitable candidate. An organized, professional profile shows you're a committed worker who takes the time to fulfill your duties down to the smallest detail.

  2. Highlight your accomplishments

    When building a social media presence, be strategic with the details you feature. Bring your achievements to the forefront of your online profiles and demonstrate how it has helped you progress in your career.

    Highlighting your good performance relevant to the job you're aiming for makes it easier for hiring managers to consider you for a job.

  3. Investigate with search engines

    Search for yourself on your preferred web search engine, especially Google. Look at what your potential employers might find when they look up your name. Can it make a good first impression?

    It's not uncommon for recruiters to do a web search of your name before scheduling an interview or making an offer. Click through the top relevant searches of your name and adjust the information to present your skills in the best way possible.

  4. Explore your networking channels

    LinkedIn is commonplace for recruiters and online job seekers. However, consider your profiles on other social media sites. Facebook and Twitter accounts allow you to engage with people. However, remember to conduct yourself professionally.

    Choose a few good networking channels that you think you can create great professional connections. Under these platforms, present an uncluttered profile layout and detailed information with correct grammar to paint an impressive picture of your skills and interests.

  5. Consistent online activities

    Make your profile more appealing by sharing thought pieces that can spark engagements about your passions. Keep your social media presence engaged and active to stand out in the tough online job market. Like, share, and post articles that can establish you as an expert in the industry you plan to apply for.

    Stay active without flooding your profile with needless posts and bombarding recruiters with extra details. Demonstrate consistent values and behavior when building a social media presence. Before you click publish, ensure your post best contributes to your brand and professional goals.

  6. Maintain your privacy

    Although recruiters find honesty good, update the settings on your profiles to keep your personal and work life separate. Recruiters won't need to see photos of the parties you've attended that are not pertinent to your career path.

    Instead of pinning improper memes at the top of your profile, make your contact details, like your email address and phone number, highly visible to make it easier for potential employers to reach out.

Build Your Career Online

Make the job hunt easier for you and your potential employer. Building an attractive and robust social media presence may take some effort. Still, it can give you the perfect edge to stand out in the fierce job market.

If you're ready for your next job search with your winning social media profile, browse through different employment listings on and find the right job for you!

Written by Career Specialist Jun 15, 2023
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