How Social Media Affects Job Opportunities and Employability

How Social Media Affects Job Opportunities and Employability

Many employers are now using social media in the recruitment process. Reports show that 86% of recruiters or employers rely on social media to search for employee candidates. As a job hunter, you must present your best self and use social media to your advantage.

Social Media and Its Role in Career Search

Employers are now on social media to look for and review applicants. It answers the question, "How can social media affect job opportunities?"

Your social media profile now serves as your resume. So, ensure that it looks professional. Present yourself how you truly are and highlight your positive attributes.

You never know. An employer may look at your profile and check if you're the right fit for a position.

Like anything else, social media screening has pros and cons. But the effects of social media on employability still depend on how you handle your social media profiles.

You can also use social media to highlight your career achievements. Yes, it makes it easier for employers to find and assess your skills. But it also makes your personal posts subject to review.

4 Effects of Social Media On Your Employability

Take note of these four effects of social media on your employability and learn how to avoid them.

  1. Privacy issues

    There are concerns about applicants' privacy when social media sites sell their data to employers or when employers check their social media profiles.

    You may not approve of these negative effects of social media on employability. But, social media screening is still ongoing, and employers continue to use it. To secure a job interview and land that position, make your social media profiles ready for review.

  2. Image and reputation risks

    How can social media affect job opportunities? The answer is this: your employers review your image online. So, be careful how you present yourself because your posts may affect your image and reputation to a potential employer.

    Some recruiters may not want to hire you because of your improper screen name, insulting content, or pictures of you drinking.

    These posts not only ruin your image and reputation with your employer. These posts can also affect how other people see you. You may also think that you have already deleted a post. However, someone may have already taken a screenshot of it.

    In addition, ensure that your social media profile shows information aligned with your resume. You don't want your employer to call you out for suspicious information.

    Be careful what you post online because of the effects of social media on employability.

  3. Inaccurate first impressions

    The truth is social media may not reflect your personality and credentials. What you see on social media can create an impression of a person. But in the eyes of employers reviewing your profile, you may already be considered unfit for the position.

    Negative first impressions are one of the many effects of social media on employability. Employers reviewing your profile may think you lack communication skills or have different political views. These things prove how social media can affect job opportunities for you.

    Learn to create profiles on different social media platforms that will not affect your employability.

  4. Legal violations

    You mustn't only be aware of the effects of social media on your employability. Your actions on social media could also violate some laws, like prohibiting discrimination against people with disabilities and regulating obscenity and indecency in cyberspace.

    Because of social media screening, you're putting your profile in public view. Check your profile because some of your actions may have legal effects.

Qualified As Per Your Social Media Profile

Social media now allows recruiters to review your online presence. To avoid the many negative effects of social media on your employability, be more mindful of what you post.

Use social media to your advantage by posting content that shows how qualified you are as an employee. Create a profile that highlights your skills, achievements, and professional demeanor. When you're done with this, take another tab closer to your dream job by exploring your career options at

Written by Career Specialist Jun 09, 2023
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