Feeling Overwhelmed by Your Job Search? Use the RAIN Method

Feeling Overwhelmed by Your Job Search? Use the RAIN Method

Job searching is an emotional experience. The uncertainty of whether or not employers will respond to your application or when your next interview will be can make you feel worried and stressed. Because of this, it's normal to feel overwhelmed by the job search. It's also important to stay centered during the process.

One notable way to stay centered is the RAIN method, which can be an invaluable tool while job hunting.

What is the RAIN Method?

The RAIN method is a simple, 4-step exercise (recognize, allow, investigate and non-identify) to help you when you feel overwhelmed by the job search.

It's natural to ignore and neglect your initial reaction to negative emotions, but that doesn't help eliminate them. Meditation teacher, Michele McDonald, created the RAIN method as a way to help people process their feelings better.

The RAIN Method in Your Job Search

Looking for a job is a marathon, not a sprint. It'll have big ups and downs, from the joy of receiving an offer to the despair of another rejection. The RAIN method helps you stay centered throughout the process to help you avoid getting overwhelmed by your job search.

Follow the RAIN method steps below.

  1. Recognize

    When you have a string of rejections or have gone months without finding any solid work, it's easy to feel anxious and upset. If you begin feeling overwhelmed by your job search, the RAIN method's first step requires you to step back, recognize your emotions, and name what you're feeling.

    Realize that you're in the grip of strong emotion—anger, sadness, or confusion—and you aren't entirely yourself when you're overwhelmed by your job search. You'll quickly realize how much weaker these strong emotions become when you give them a name.

  2. Accept

    The next step of the RAIN method when you feel overwhelmed by your job search is to accept your current situation. Accept that you're here, going through the process and feeling these emotions right now.

    Things can get intense in your job search. Your applications might have gone unnoticed, and you're worried if your budget can make it to the end of the week, all while your spouse gets frustrated with you. The RAIN method doesn't ask you to like it nor judge whether these moments are good or bad; you only need to accept them.

    While you may feel overwhelmed by your job search, remember that you won't be in that situation forever.

  3. Investigate

    The next step of the RAIN method is to look deeper into yourself and ask, "Why do I feel this way?" What is making you feel overwhelmed by your job search?

    Maybe some aspects of your life that didn't bother you are bothering you now. So, it would be best to investigate why you feel such strong emotions now. Pinning down the reason can help you understand and process the emotion much better.

  4. Non-identify

    The final step of the RAIN method involves realizing that you're not your emotions, and they'll pass like the weather. Remember that your emotions are reactions to your current situation but not the reality of it. Detach yourself from your emotions to see why you felt overwhelmed by your job search with a fresh perspective.

Weather the Emotional Storm of the Job Search

Job searching can be a hectic experience, which is why the RAIN method can help you when you feel overwhelmed by your job search. Although the technique is about your own emotions, it doesn't mean you have to do it alone. You can partner with a job-hunting buddy with whom you can use the RAIN method with.

Once you're ready to search for jobs again, you can head to Career.com to find countless opportunities.

Written by Career Specialist Jun 06, 2023
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