Career Reflection Questions to Ask About Your Job Experience

Career Reflection Questions to Ask About Your Job Experience

Reflection is a period of mental immersion. It helps you improve by allowing you to examine your thoughts, feelings, and direction in life.

As you go deeper into your reflection, realizations about your direction in life come to you. The more you understand yourself, the greater your drive to achieve your goals, especially if they involve job changes or career transitions.

Understanding Career Reflection

At some point in your career, you'll begin to ponder on several things about it. Whether personal experiences or a need to make a move, reflecting on your career is vital to furthering your employability.

Through a career or job reflection, you can identify the key skills and learnings you have acquired throughout your job experience. Assessing them through select career reflection questions is a great way to track your strengths and weaknesses, build perseverance, and determine other skills you'll need to learn in the next part of your career.

Career Reflection Questions to Ask Yourself

Here are seven questions to ask yourself to assess your career:

  1. Who am I really?

    Take a deep dive into your thoughts to evaluate who you are as an individual. From your hopes and passions to your strengths and flaws, acknowledging these things can help you accept who you are.

    It's also good to reflect on your professional life. Know where you want to go, what drives you, and what inspires you. Your answers to these things paint a clearer picture of what career you truly desire and how it can fulfill you.

  2. What are my USPs?

    As you prepare for a career shift, it's best to note what makes you a cut above the rest. Consider your most valuable skills and the contributions you've made in your previous job. Hiring managers will appreciate it if you give them specific examples of your efficiency and dependability.

  3. What do I want from my career?

    Are you seeking better pay? Do you want a better work-life balance and healthier work culture? Career reflection questions pinpoint your needs and will guide you in applying for suitable companies and job roles.

  4. How happy am I?

    During your job reflection, ask yourself: what do I like and don't like about my job? Is the stress still worth the salary? Being honest about your happiness with your current role helps you decide whether to stay or move on to better opportunities.

  5. What kind of work environment will help me thrive?

    Are you more productive working on-site? Would a hybrid or fully remote setup allow you to focus more? Finding a suitable work environment is crucial because your productivity and mental health matter the most.

  6. Am I OK with commuting far?

    Assuming that your next job will be fully on-site, you'll have to consider your home's proximity to the office. If it takes 45 minutes to an hour to get there, think about the cost of fuel and how tedious long-distance driving can be.

    The nearer the office is to you, the better. If you're lucky, you might end up with one within walking distance from your home, which is time-efficient and easy on the wallet.

  7. Are my resume and job hunting profiles updated?

    Job hunting these days is often done online. Because your work experience and skills grow over time, make sure to update your profile and resume to draw out more searches from companies and hiring managers.

Putting Job Reflection into Action

Reflection is essential for self-improvement. It lets you clear your mind and think about which direction you want your life to go. Finding time to reflect on your career path and knowing what goals to set for yourself is equally important.

Job reflection and noting the career reflection questions listed here are only half the picture, which is why is here to help. With over 49,204 job postings available, provides a vast list of job opportunities that could be fitting for you and your skills.

Written by Career Specialist Mar 31, 2023
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