Best Way to Write Targeted Resumes: Never Forget Your Audience

Best Way to Write Targeted Resumes: Never Forget Your Audience

Many things go into writing a resume. For example, you must do a skills audit to see which ones are the best to include in your targeted resume. You may also need to sort through your experiences and achievements.

The process may seem simple because you're writing about yourself. However, job hunters must never forget that this document represents them to potential employers. All applicants need to know who their target audience is. They should never forget them during the writing process.

Here are some things you need to know about the best way to write a resume with the audience in mind.

Best Way to Write a Resume: Know Your Audience

The main purpose of your targeted resume is to get you an interview. Companies base their search for qualified candidates on the job description. However, one size never fits all.

Many jobs may look similar. But companies have unique ways of describing the same roles. You'll need multiple resumes, each targeting the specific job description.

The best way to write a resume is by knowing the recipients of your resume. When developing a resume, you must consider the company you're writing to. And here are the three types of audiences you're writing to.

  1. The technology

    Nowadays, job hunting has become more convenient. People can look for jobs and send their applications online. As a result, companies are receiving high volumes of applications. This situation prompts recruiters to quicken their hiring process through application tracking systems (ATS).

    These systems have a literal mind. In this case, the best way to write a resume is to optimize it for the technology. You can do so by matching your targeted resume with the job description and its keywords.

  2. The recruiter

    The recruiters are the next recipients of your targeted resumes. It would help if you got through them before moving on to the final stage.

    Keeping the document short but impactful is the best way to write a resume. Recruiters have some capacity to infer your strengths from your experiences. So, focus on the important and relevant ones that make your skills shine.

  3. The hiring manager

    Hiring managers are the ones who have a deeper understanding of how you'll do on the job. They already know what responsibilities you may have had in your previous roles.

    As such, the best way to write a resume for this audience is to focus on how well you performed in previous positions. You can include metrics and achievements that supplement your skills. Also, use action verbs in your targeted resume that resonate with the values they look for in a candidate.

Never Forget Your Audience

Job hunting is a two-way street. Companies aren't the only ones looking to assess a perfect candidate. You're also looking for the right company that fits your goals and values. Knowing your audience can give you an idea of what the company stands for.

For example, creating a specific resume entails researching the targeted company. You can use this research to assess if they're the right company for you. Looking through their vision-mission statements will help you understand what they value.

You'll also have an easier time crafting the perfect targeted resume. If you know who'll read your resume, you can identify the right skills to highlight. And knowing your audience is the best way to write a resume that resonates with what companies want in a candidate.

Know Your Audience for the Best Resume Write-up

The key to writing a well-targeted resume is understanding the audience. Converging what you have and the things companies want to see in a candidate is the best way to write a resume.

Knowing your readers can help you compose a clear message like writing an essay. Let potential employers know what you have to offer. Browse our openings on and send your resumes today.

Written by Career Specialist Mar 27, 2023
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