Background Check for Social Media: How Employers Find You

Background Check for Social Media: How Employers Find You

Social media is an important communication channel. It allows businesses to reach their audience better. Nowadays, companies consider social media as a vital recruitment instrument.

When businesses think of social media, they see a pool of possible employees. The information people put on social media makes it easier for employers to pick potential applicants. You can use this to your advantage by providing accurate information online so businesses can find you.

Using social media has its risks. Be careful about what and how you want to display yourself online. Before you change up your accounts, you first must know the employers' social media screening process. Read on to know what it is and why it matters to you as a job hunter.

Social Media Checking: What It Is and Why It Matters

You'll typically go through a social media check before getting hired. The employer could start investigating your social media profiles and behavior. They may view your posts, likes, and comments on social networking sites.

Businesses must thoroughly assess applicants in a competitive market. Understanding how you and others might fit into their working culture is important. In addition, rigorous background checks can help employers spot candidates with criminal histories or run-ins with the law. It ensures that all the information on their resumes is accurate.

Remember that you're not the only one who can see what you post online. Social media is a communal, open space for everybody. Hence, it would be best to safeguard private matters.

Ensure to screen your account and filter out information you want potential employers to see and what you don't. In job hunting, background checks are standard. Most people put out their lives on social media. It's only fair that employers would want to see what goes on outside a professional environment. Here's how employers conduct their background checks on you.

How Do Employers Find Your Social Media?

Around look up possible job seekers online. Additionally, 70% of employers think every business should check applicants' social media accounts before considering them for a position. That said, how do employers find your social media? Simple. They conduct a quick online search.

Any potential employer or hiring manager can quickly search for you on Google, but they must be careful about breaking any discrimination laws.

Hiring managers and employers aren't the only ones that gain something from conducting a social media scan. A social media scan can show you what to filter out, so you can put your best foot forward. Remember that before employers can scan your social media, they must first get your permission.

Employers use a background check for social media to know more about a person's personality, identity, and opinions. Hiring managers also look for possible warning signs. These can be illegal activities, insulting comments, aggressive behavior, or mature content that may risk the company's image.

Clean Up Your Social Media

While social media is free for everyone, it still requires responsible use. You may think you're free to post whatever you want since it's your account, but it's open for everyone to see. It gives people like hiring managers a general yet comprehensive depiction of who and what you are in real life.

You must put your best foot forward while staying truthful. Use social media to your advantage. Because of the risks involved with social media, you could be doing more harm to your reputation than good. It's best to be careful about what you post. Social media is a part of the modern job search. You can use its reach to amplify, extend, and distribute your name to possible employers.

It's good practice to conduct a social media screening on yourself and see what comes up. This way, you can ensure that you're showing the best yet most authentic version of yourself to possible employers. If you're looking for other job-hunting tips online, head to

Written by Career Specialist Mar 29, 2023
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