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2 Assistant Center Director Jobs in Plainfield, IN

Sylvan Learning Center
Plainfield, IN | Full Time
$65k-86k (estimate)
2 Days Ago
Plainfield Healthcare
Plainfield, IN | Full Time
$73k-88k (estimate)
2 Weeks Ago
Assistant Center Director
$65k-86k (estimate)
Full Time 2 Days Ago

Sylvan Learning Center is Hiring an Assistant Center Director Near Plainfield, IN

Do you thrive in a high paced environment? Is building relationships and interacting with new people something that makes you come alive? Do you love seeing the light bulb come on as a child learns something new? The Assistant Center Director is responsible for supporting the overall customer experience, education, sales, and operations of the center alongside the senior Center management team.
Sylvan Learning is currently hiring an Assistant Center Director. Sylvan Learning provides academic tutoring for students from Kindergarten through 12th grade. This position is education, business, customer service and sales wrapped up into one.
•Ensures timely and high-quality personal customer service response to all calls and walk-in inquiries; Ensures calls get answered during business hours
•Provides high quality preparation beforehand and teaching support throughout the instructional hours.
•Supports educational program management activities
•Supports marketing and sales activities to drive new enrollments
•Supports activities that maintain collaborative relationships with teachers, educational specialists and other school administrators and parent/teacher organizations
•Ensures the professional appearance of the Center according to Sylvan standards
•Ensures adherence to established Sylvan operating standards with attention to student safety and well-being
•Health Insurance
•Dental Insurance
•Sylvan Tuition Incentives
•Up to 2 weeks of PTO from start of employment (start date dependent)
•Can define what your "win" is
•Is hungryand no, we don't mean for pizza!
•Multitask like it is going out of style
•Kept your first checkbook balanced
•Have a memory like Rain Man
•Know how to control and manage your own time-Ferris Bueller should not be your role model
•Like people-seriously, do we need to say more?
•Find kids fun-again, do we need to say more?
•You're a leader who pulls not pushes
•Own your actions -don't blame others-that just isn't nice
•Believes in the power of Radical Honesty
•Can embrace the phrase-"it always works out"
•Loves to learn and sees feedback as an opportunity to grow
•Believes education is valuable and important
•Know who Simon Sinek isor at least watched his Ted Talk before deciding to apply to this position
•Hold a bachelor's degree

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Full Time


$65k-86k (estimate)

















Education & Training Services

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Sylvan Learning Center
Full Time
$49k-82k (estimate)
Just Posted
Sylvan Learning Center
Full Time
$51k-85k (estimate)
Just Posted
Sylvan Learning Center
Full Time
$51k-85k (estimate)
Just Posted

If you are interested in becoming an Assistant Center Director, you need to understand the job requirements and the detailed related responsibilities. Of course, a good educational background and an applicable major will also help in job hunting. Below are some tips on how to become an Assistant Center Director for your reference.

Step 1: Understand the job description and responsibilities of an Accountant.

Quotes from people on Assistant Center Director job description and responsibilities

Assistant directors often supervise other staff members and help to ensure the childcare center's compliance with both corporate and legal regulations.

03/19/2022: Chillicothe, OH

The primary qualifications for becoming a child care center assistant director are two years of experience with early childhood care and development and excellent administrative skills.

04/03/2022: Macon, GA

The assistant director will be accountable for the coordination, supervision, and reporting of all area activities.

03/20/2022: Florence, SC

A child care assistant director also works with the director to create a budget for the facility, submit payroll and purchase necessary supplies.

01/22/2022: Biloxi, MS

Assistant Directors are employed by production companies or work freelance on different creative and professional projects to streamline shooting schedules and help Directors produce a film on an efficient, accurate timeline.

01/20/2022: Tuscaloosa, AL

Step 2: Knowing the best tips for becoming an Accountant can help you explore the needs of the position and prepare for the job-related knowledge well ahead of time.

Career tips from people on Assistant Center Director jobs

Create reports and submit them to the director or other executives.

02/22/2022: Syracuse, NY

The assistant director will provide additional services as assigned by the director.

03/18/2022: Lansing, MI

Maintain scheduling of events and represent the company when needed.

02/26/2022: Bradenton, FL

Assist in budgeting and monitoring expenses.

03/21/2022: New Haven, CT

Percent of career centers reporting cuts to personnel budget.

03/27/2022: Montgomery, AL

Step 3: View the best colleges and universities for Assistant Center Director.

Butler University
Carroll College
High Point University
Princeton University
Providence College
Rollins College
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