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Sign Holder

Elizabeth City, NC | Part Time

Job Description

If you are outgoing with motivation and enthusiasm, this is the ideal part-time weekend job. You will attract attention to the sign and the location to which the sign is directing. Exhibit energy by displaying the sign, smiling, and generally having a pleasant demeanor. It’s that simple!

Human Directional signs are a popular way to attract attention to, and direct people to visit our clients’ business locations. In the marketing world, this is called increasing “traffic.”

What this job entails:

Weekends Only! Two 5 hour shifts! Noon to 5 pm Saturday & Sunday.

Work outside in the daytime and STILL enjoy your weekend after hours!

This is a great way to supplement your income, for any person!

We are looking for self-motivated, reliable people with a GREAT attitude!


This gig is for you if:

- Older HS age/college students/retired/anyone needing supplemental income

- You can withstand sun exposure and possible inclement weather

- You are able to arrive timely at the job location

- You have an active cell phone for sending and receiving text messages to communicate throughout the shift, when necessary

- You are ready and able to work consistently on weekends or have a substitute.

- You have Reliable Transportation (Public Transportation, Bicycles, Motorcycles, or Scooters and not considered viable reliable transportation for this position; as you have to transport a 5 foot sign to where you would be holding it).

Hours: This is a WEEKEND ONLY job. The average work hours are 4 to 5 hours per day Saturday and Sunday.

Pay Rate:  $18.00 per hour

The Position: Display and move the directional arrow, directing the flow of traffic to the sales office for new homes nearby, in a pre-determined location.

*Being reliable is essential for this job*