Why Do We Work: Finding Sense of Purpose at Work

Why Do We Work: Finding Sense of Purpose at Work

You may have heard the phrase, "Life is short, so live it to the fullest." But have you ever stopped and wondered how many take this advice? While many have goals and dreams they want to achieve, some live each day not knowing what exactly they want out of life.

Finding inspiration can be tricky, especially regarding the career you want. Not all are lucky enough to live with a passion so clear that they don't have to think about it. But to become successful in life, it's vital to work with a purpose and know what to achieve in your time.

What is a Sense of Purpose at Work?

There are different ways to find and achieve fulfillment in your work, depending on what aligns with your core values. But because the purpose of work can be vague and varies from person to person, you need to understand what that can mean for you. Here are a few things you need to know about working with a purpose.

Purpose is a mosaic

Just like a mosaic, one's purpose comprises different aspects of life. Your purpose can be a product of different beliefs and experiences you have collected along the way. Each mosaic is unique, and so is a person's purpose. Thus, your purpose of work may only make sense to you.

Additionally, how you see yourself may not necessarily be the same as how others describe you. There will be a few things about you that you don't see or notice, but others can. This adds to the uniqueness of your "mosaic."

Purpose may change

Your sense of purpose will often shift and turn out different from what you expect. Over the course of your life, you will learn new concepts and experience new things that may change how you think and feel.

These things can cause your values and goals to change as you age, which will inevitably make you reconsider your current sense of purpose at work.

However, there are also people whose purpose remains the same even when they switch jobs or acquire several experiences.

Purpose can mean anything

Your purpose of work can be as basic or complex as you want it to be. It is a flexible factor that can be as simple as "I need to make money now" or as complicated as "I'm going to save the world." Regardless of what your goal is, your sense of purpose at work will be entirely up to you.

Purpose is a question of circumstances

Your purpose may depend on what your situation is or what you want to change or accomplish. Sometimes, your purpose also changes alongside sudden shifts in your environment or when something big comes your way.

However, although these elements can vary from person to person, there is no right or wrong way to find your purpose.

Lead Life with a Goal: Working with a Purpose

Looking for a career without a specific goal may eventually make you feel dull. But when you work with a purpose, you find life easier and more manageable. So, to start building the motivation to help you in the workplace, you must first figure out what you want and what makes you feel fulfilled.

Most people find their purpose by improving their environment and enjoying what good things come their way. Others take the time to reflect on their talents and what they want to be remembered for. If you want to find more resources to inspire you, check out Career.com today and take a step forward in finding your purpose.

Written by Career Specialist Jun 01, 2023
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