What’s Missing in Remote Work and How Will It Affect Employees?

What’s Missing in Remote Work and How Will It Affect Employees?

When the pandemic hit, many businesses adapted to a new normal to stay safe but keep operations going. One of the biggest changes in work arrangement was the shift to remote work.

Working from home provided employees with a lot of quality-of-life changes, like having the flexibility to do errands or being able to work anywhere. That may be true but working remotely also has its fair share of remote work disadvantages.

What's Missing in Remote Work?

Productivity outside the office space has been the narrative of remote work. In a survey from Cushman and Wakefield, which talked about the future of workplace arrangements, 75% of employees answered that they could focus effectively on their tasks while working from home. It proved that employees don't need to be at the office to remain efficient.

Remote work has a lot of benefits, but it also has some drawbacks, especially in your social life. Since humans are naturally social, you can see the issues pop up once this arrangement goes on for too long.

  • Connection and collaboration

    A work-from-home arrangement can negatively affect your collaboration with others. When working remotely, a computer faces you. It's a little different from an onsite office setup where you have coworkers around.

    According to a survey, most remote workers miss forming connections with coworkers. They can rarely copy having fun conversations with others when online. Without these connections, workers tend to box themselves into their roles.

  • Serendipity

    Serendipity is experiencing interesting or valuable discoveries by chance. You can share this face-to-face with coworkers or during office meetings. These can still happen online, but the feeling can be harder to have.

  • Belonging and inclusion

    When you work alone, you don't have a lot of social interaction apart from the people on your screen. Working alone for a long time can affect your sense of belonging and productivity. With remote work, you can sometimes forget you have an online support system, so you feel secluded.

  • Awareness

    When you're working alone, you could lose track of what goes on with your department or company. Over time, this can create a sense of loss and confusion regarding your work, affecting productivity.

  • Closeness

    Whatever personal relationships you create from working remotely, you can't compare that to the kind you'll find at the office. In a way, being close to someone online can translate differently when both of you are seen face to face.

How Can Remote Work Setbacks Be Resolved?

Remote working has a lot of cons that can affect your productivity, but following some tips can help lessen the remote work disadvantages.

  • Meet in person at least once a year

    Schedule regular get-togethers with your team so they can reconnect in person. Doing this monthly or even quarterly allows employees to see their friends, boosting their sense of community.

  • Keep employees updated on the company's basic values

    Keeping your employees informed of the company's values is important, even if you can't see them. It guides motivation to continue being productive with their tasks, even while working remotely.

  • Create an online meeting place

    Have a space online where employees can engage and interact with their coworkers during breaks, shifts, or after hours. Doing this can help boost morale and make them feel included in social gatherings while working remotely.

  • Provide catch-up sessions with your team or employee

    You can also improve employee morale by having 1-on-1 sessions. It's so you can check in on their physical and mental well-being. These sessions can also benefit their sense of belonging.

Will Remote Work…Work?

Working from home isn't purely beneficial. It can have mishaps. Despite the evident difficulties, there are measures to minimize the frequency of these remote work disadvantages. Taking the time to look after your employees can improve their productivity greatly, even if they're not at the office.

With remote work staying, the possibilities for job opportunities are now endless. Find your next dream job with Career.com!

Written by Career Specialist May 30, 2023
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