What is the DISC Personality Test and What is it Used For

What is the DISC Personality Test and What is it Used For

Hard skills are essential to finish the job. But a person's character is the next thing companies look for in a candidate.

They use the DISC assessment to determine how well a candidate or employee performs their roles. Employers use this test to identify one's leadership and communication style.

But what is it, and how do companies use this test?

What is the DISC Personality Test?

The DISC personality test was made by lawyer-psychologist William Moulton Marston. It helps you understand yourself. Employers can use this test to see how well you fit in their company.

This test discusses the four distinct personality styles: dominance, influence, steadiness, and compliance.

The dominance personality is more results-oriented. Meanwhile, influence has a friendlier style; it's often seen in people who try to make a group reach a common goal. Steadiness considers a person's patience. Lastly, the compliance personality describes a person's reliability.

What is a DISC Assessment used for?

  • For hiring

    The DISC assessment can help improve hiring processes. It makes employers aware of their unconscious bias. This awareness allows them to judge the best person suited for the role fairly.

  • For assessing leadership roles

    Companies must thoroughly check who the best candidates are for a leadership role. They must have the required skills. Using the DISC assessment can help in this situation.

    For example, dominant personalities are great at achieving goals. But influence personalities can make a group work together. These traits can help employers decide on a person capable of the position or if they're qualified to be promoted.

  • For improving team productivity

    Teamwork makes the dream work. However, not having the right balance of personalities in a team can make things chaotic.

    Employers can overcome this problem through assessments from the DISC personality test. By analyzing the results of the member's personality tests, they can improve their synergy and team productivity.

  • For resolving workplace conflict

    Conflicts are inevitable, especially when different personalities come together in one space. People differ from one another, whether in work ethics or attitudes.

    Leaving the concerned parties alone to resolve their conflict may not be the best plan. However, the DISC assessment can help employers understand how to tackle the situation. They'll know how to counsel each party, helping them see eye to eye.

  • For tailor-fitting communication

    Communication styles also differ from person to person. And the DISC personality test can help company leaders understand how to reach and talk to the employees.

    For example, influence personality types are more receptive to a more personal and friendly conversation. Meanwhile, dominant personalities respond better when given goals to achieve.

  • For developing employee skills

    Using DISC assessments can also give insights into your strengths and weaknesses. As such, your managers or team leads can best give you the boost you need to develop the skills required for your role.

  • For improving employee engagement

    The DISC personality test can help you better understand how to reach out to your employees. And taking the time to understand them will make them feel valued and appreciated.

    With this, they won't have problems participating in the company's mission and vision.

Understanding Employees' Personalities

The DISC personality test provides insights into an employee's leadership and communication style. This test lets employers know how best to reach out to their employees and motivate them.

As a result, using the DISC assessment can help improve their work levels. Ultimately, the personality test can help increase employee productivity and the team's overall performance. Check out the available jobs on Career.com and see this personality test in action.

Written by Career Specialist May 25, 2023
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