What Are Work Values and Why Are They Important?

What Are Work Values and Why Are They Important?

Everyone has unique circumstances, which can significantly shape a person's values, affecting their decisions.

Even if people have the same values, they may hold different meanings depending on the person. For instance, one may perceive the value of attentiveness as paying attention to details. Others may see it as putting your full attention on the person relaying their concerns.

With all these considerations, identifying what your work values are is essential.

Knowing the Importance of Your Work Values

The importance of work values lies in how they can make your job search easier. Here's how they do so.

  • Helps you identify the kind of work you plan to do

    Arriving at a purpose in life entails knowing what your work values are. Your goal can result from what you hold most important. For example, you may value a role that allows you to make a difference in the world. Others may prefer a job that highlights financial stability, choosing a position tailored to that purpose.

    With that, the importance of work values is that they can help you have an easier time narrowing your search to roles that allow you to uphold the things that matter most to you.

  • Makes you learn how to prioritize

    You can choose from many values, but you can't have all of them. Some values can contradict others, which is why you need to know how to prioritize the ones that matter the most to you.

    Knowing the importance of your work values will help you determine which ones to put at the top of your list. Doing so can help you stay focused and lessen the chances of you straying away from the path to fulfilling your purpose.

  • Guides your beliefs, attitudes, and behavior

    Determining what your work values are is essential in making decisions. These values are the foundation of your life. In every dilemma, your values can influence how you perceive each option. It may even be that nagging feeling in your head telling you what you should or shouldn't do when presented with a choice.

    Usually, decisions are grounded on your beliefs, and values play a big role in shaping those beliefs. With that, realizing the importance of work values can help you make decisions aligned with your purpose or end goals.

  • Deepens your self-understanding

    Another importance of work values is that they help you determine what you like or dislike. They may even give insights into your skills and things to improve on.

    The ones at the top of your priority list of work values can tell you what your non-negotiables are. Meanwhile, those further on the bottom may be values you're more likely to compromise on.

    By knowing your work values, you can easily identify the things that can make you satisfied and happy at work.

  • Helps find the right company for you

    Businesses have different perspectives on meaningful work. As such, the values they uphold may differ from other companies. Likewise, some companies' work values may also diverge from yours.

    Compatibility is important in any relationship, including the one you make with a company. You may find a job that fits your criteria. However, if the company doesn't share the same values as you, you may have difficulty committing to it.

    Knowing what your work values are can help you search for a job in a company that aligns with your values. For example, you may value freedom where you can still have time for yourself. So, a company that values life-work balance may be the one for you.

Becoming in Tune with Your Values

Circumstances can lead to different sets of values and their meanings. However, these values can still guide your career choices, even if people have differing perspectives.

The importance of work values all boils down to how they can help you become in tune with yourself. It can help you look for your dream job in the right company. Check out Career.com today to help look for the job and company that aligns with your work values.

Written by Career Specialist May 19, 2023
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