What Are Technical Skills: Identifying Your Top Ten Technical Skills

What Are Technical Skills: Identifying Your Top Ten Technical Skills

As a job hunter, you need to answer the question, "what are my technical skills"?

Identifying your technical skills will help you in your job hunt and increase your chances of getting the position you want. For example, if you are looking for a marketing job, it would help to know how to use photo editing software because most marketing positions use this program.

The lack of technical skills could cause problems if you're trying to get hired quickly and don't have time to learn new skills.

Learn more about technical skills and how to identify them in this article.

What are Technical Skills?

Technical skills are the abilities you need to know to do a certain job. They involve the use of tools or software particular to an industry. For instance, a marketing graphic designer must know how to use Adobe Photoshop or other image editing apps to create marketing collaterals.

Now that you know what technical skills are, you should identify yours if you're job hunting. It allows you to focus on opportunities that match your abilities.

  • Technical skills are specialized knowledge

    Technical skills are specialized knowledge because you use them in your job, but not everyone has them. Technical skills are specialized in a way that the skills you have are specific to an industry or niche.

  • Technical skills involve mastery

    To utilize your technical skills for a job, you should be really good at it. If you're knowledgeable in producing digital art, your pieces should reflect that mastery. When you know the skills you have mastery of, you can identify the ideal work you can apply for.

  • Technical skills involve practical knowledge to complete tasks

    Practical knowledge plays a role in technical skills too. You need to deeply understand your situation to know when and how to use your skill effectively. Many companies consider this. So, when job hunting, prepare for anything, from the initial test to the job interview.

  • Technical skills involve project management

    You may have a broad skill set, but without project management, you'll find yourself in a demanding situation because of the many tasks you have to complete. Some businesses prioritize people with great management and skills mastery, so having both is an advantage in a job search.

  • Technical skills can involve leadership skills

    Being a good leader can also be a technical skill because working with a team is vital in businesses. If you have the skills to work individually and in a group, your job hunting process can be easier since it opens you to more positions.

What are My Technical Skills: Ways to Identify Your Talents

  1. List every skill you have

    The best way to identify your skills is to make a list of everything that you can do. Put the most relevant skills at the top.

  2. Describe each skill

    Providing a description of your technical skills helps you understand what your technical skills are and how you can apply them on the job. It also sets employers' expectations if you get the job.

  3. Include an example for each skill

    Provide examples for each technical skill on the list. It shows the employer that you have the experience and gives them an idea of how you work.

  4. Determine the level for each skill

    When you're looking for a new job, you want to make sure you're applying for roles that are a good match for your experience and interests. Determining your skill level helps you manage your expectations and find the job that fits you best.

  5. Contact a colleague for validation

    If you're determining what your technical skills are for a new job, consider asking a colleague for help. Ask their opinions about your skill set and the best ones you have. It helps support your thoughts and may change your perspective on what jobs you want.

At A Crossroad

Job hunting takes a lot of time and patience. It can get frustrating, but it doesn't have to be. You only need proper preparation for any situation while equipping yourself with the necessary knowledge and technical skills.

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Written by Career Specialist May 18, 2023
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