Job Assessment: Kinds of Assessments to Try in a Job Search

Job Assessment: Kinds of Assessments to Try in a Job Search

In job interviews, it's common to be asked to introduce yourself, explain your experiences, and more. How well you answer these questions could land you the job. However, it may be hard to answer if you don't know yourself. A job assessment can help you in this matter.

A pre-employment assessment is important in a job hunt. It evaluates your skills, knowledge, and personality to narrow your search. It also helps you understand yourself and how others see you. This bit is important because your interviewers will express their opinions about you.

To improve your job search and ace your interviews, learn about the types of job assessments.

Kinds of Job Assessments

You can take different pre-employment assessments to understand yourself. Here are five kinds that can support your job search journey.

  1. Job knowledge test

    A job knowledge test checks your understanding of the job you're applying for. It lets employers know how fit you are for the role. For instance, applying for a copywriter position means taking a writing exam. A web developer applicant should take a computer programming test.

  2. Personality test

    Personality is also important in the workplace. Personality tests inform employers about your behavior and work ethic. Examples of these exams are the Caliper Profile and Myers-Briggs Type Indicator.

  3. Emotional intelligence test

    Employers also value emotional intelligence. This is why some job seekers take emotional intelligence tests as part of the pre-employment assessment. It measures your ability to handle conflicts and work relationships. It also helps employers match jobs based on your emotional intelligence.

  4. Integrity test

    An integrity test includes situational questions to determine your honesty and commitment. Some questions test how you address conflicts, certain situations, and more. It also assesses your work ethics and values.

  5. Physical ability test

    Some jobs that entail physical abilities, such as construction and manufacturing, will require a physical ability test. This pre-employment assessment measures your strength, flexibility, and stamina. It's performed before or after the job offer.

Importance of a Job Assessment

Undergoing a job assessment is more than just meeting a requirement. A pre-employment assessment can help improve your professional and personal life. It also assists employers with their hiring decisions. Here are other reasons why it is important.

  1. Evaluates your marketable skills

    A pre-employment assessment shows your skills, personality, and work ethic. It helps employers determine if you're the right hire for them. A job assessment also shows what you can contribute to the company's success.

  2. Determines if your skills match the job

    A skills-based assessment lets employers know if your abilities match the job requirements. An advertising company won't hire you as a senior graphic designer if you only have basic skills. A travel agency won't hire you as a tour guide if you're not physically capable.

  3. Narrows your job search options

    A job assessment can match you with a job that fits your skills and knowledge to narrow your search. Having a clear direction in your job search can save you time and effort. It can also help you land a job that you can confidently do.

  4. Provides an objective view of your skills and abilities

    HR managers use data in hiring decisions. A pre-employment assessment provides the data they need for a neutral overview of your skills and knowledge.

  5. Helps you understand the talent market

    The talent market changes as employees look for jobs with better pay and working environments. A job assessment can give you an idea of what employers look for in employees. It can also help you check the connection between your skills and certain jobs.

Know Yourself Better

Applying for jobs can be hard if you don't know yourself. Taking a job assessment can help resolve that problem. The more you know yourself, the better you'll do at interviews. You can also land a job faster.

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Written by Career Specialist Feb 15, 2023
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