How to Get Motivation to Find a Job

How to Get Motivation to Find a Job

Every job search journey comes with many challenges. You may face numerous rejections or not get your desired position in your dream company. These can demotivate you.

However, having the right job search motivation can get you up and running. In this article, we've listed some ways to motivate you during the job hunting process.

Keep a Journal for Motivation

Sometimes, finding a job is not as straightforward as it is at the start. Things can change and get overwhelming. There's much to think about while facing frustrations along the way.

Writing your experiences can give you job search motivation. It may even give you a breakthrough. Having a journal may help you land the job you truly want. Here's how.

  • A journal helps figure out where you are in the job hunting process

    Sometimes, you can get lost in the job hunt process. If this happens, you need something to remind you of why you're searching in the first place.

    Journaling can help you reflect on what's happening with a focus on your future. It reminds you of your goals and allows you to proactively plan for the long term.

  • A journal helps determine long-term career goals

    Your journal can help you figure out what you genuinely like and not what you just want. This can give you motivation to find a job and keep you on track.

  • A journal helps express your emotional experiences

    Searching for a job can lead you to many frustrations. Your journal is a safe space to vent without worrying about being judged. It may also help you reflect on your thoughts and feelings. When you see things objectively, you avoid doing anything rash.

  • A journal helps detail notes of the people you interact with

    Your loose ties or acquaintances may be your gateway to a job. They can introduce you to someone who can present a job you can consider applying for.

    You can keep all their important information in your journal, including names and contact info.

Find a Source of Inspiration

If you ever run into a rough patch in your job hunt, you'll need something to bring you back up. These external inspirations can give you the motivation to find a job.

  1. Take up a new hobby

    This period often gives you more time to do other things. You can pick up your past hobbies or master a new one. Doing so can relieve stress and give you the boost you need.

  2. Learn an instrument

    Learning a new instrument has many benefits. Besides stimulating your brain, it can also relieve stress from searching for a job. It may even help build your confidence for job interviews.

  3. Read

    Reading is a temporary escape from reality, transporting you to a new world. This doesn't just replace job hunting stress with enjoyment. It may also deepen your knowledge to help you with the process.

  4. Exercise

    Managing your health is as important as looking for jobs. Exercising can keep your body healthy and improve brain function, giving you the energy and motivation to find a job.

  5. Volunteer

    If there's a chance, consider volunteering for a cause or around your community. This may help you find purpose and even open you to other jobs you may want.

Keep Yourself Motivated

Job hunting doesn't come without difficulties. However, all hope is not lost when finding the motivation to find a job. While the job hunting process may be overwhelming at times, you can find motivation. Power through the job search with the right source of inspiration and a journal to guide you.

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Written by Career Specialist Jun 21, 2023
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